insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 123

FASHION+BEAUTY LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN cont. For lotion and potion people skinCHEMISTS WRINKLE KILLER SNAKE SERUM £44, (Disclaimer: no reptiles were hurt in the making of this wonder product.) Known as ‘botox in a bottle’, skinChemists Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum promises to banish wrinkles without the use of botox and is formulated with Syn-ake, a peptide which mimics the activity of a polypeptide that's found in snake venom and reduces mimic wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions. What are mimic wrinkles? The horizontal lines and furrows usually found between the brows that are partly caused by facial expressions and that deepen over time. You can’t call yourself something as superhero sounding as ‘Wrinkle Killer’ and then not have magical powers; that would just be silly, and this product is anything but silly. It’s designed to freeze and firm your skin, which sounds marvellous, but other products making the same irresistible claims can leave sensitive skin sore, sometimes even puffy (especially around the eyes). Not so with this beautifully smooth and very gentle serum that glides on with a silky feel and a slightly tropical smell. Very hydrating, it also contains hydrotriticum, which is an amino acid complex derived from wheat proteins that helps bind moisture to your skin leaving it smoother and more youthful looking. Worth its weight in gold. For the purists among us HOMEMADE HONEY FACE MASK Honey is a natural cleanser that helps to keep skin clear and it’s also a natural antioxidant and antiseptic, which makes it an ideal cleansing agent. Combine it with lemon – a fruit packed with both alpha and beta hydroxy acids, which smooth the skin’s outer surface, speed up cell turnover and help get rid of pesky blackheads – and you have a skin-saving dream team. To prep your skin before you apply the face mask, pour boiling hot water into a bowl and stand above it letting the steam open your pores. Mix one tablespoon of organic raw honey and half a squeezed lemon into another bowl and apply all over your face, avoiding the eye area. Let your skin soak up all this goodness for about half an hour and then wash away with warm water, finishing with one splash of very cold water to close your pores. If your skin feels tight, follow it up with your usual moisturiser, or just let it breathe. DRY SKIN AND CELLULITE SUGAR SCRUB You don’t actually need a fancy facial scrub to get rid of dry skin and cellulite – ironically, you can slough it away with sugar, which works as a great way to get rid of unwanted skin cells and helps to keep skin hydrated naturally. Try combining two thirds organic sugar with one third coconut oil and gently rub into your face before rinsing with warm water; it’ll leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. Want to prevent cellulite? Brush your body with a sugar scrub. Combine three tablespoons of coarse ground coffee with three tablespoons of organic sugar, one mashed ripe avocado and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix to a scrub consistency and then, using a body brush, brush your entire body with the scrub for no less than five minutes using firm, rhythmic strokes and always brushing towards the heart before washing off with warm water in the shower or bath. 123