insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 121

FASHION+BEAUTY LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN SKINCARE CAN BE COMPLICATED – PEPTIDES, RETINOL, COENZYMES, VAMPIRE FACIALS – IT’S ALL A BIT OVERWHELMING. THERE’S A LOT TO BE SAID THEREFORE FOR GIVING YOURSELF A BREAK AND SIMPLY LOVING THE SKIN YOU’RE IN, ALTHOUGH GIVING YOUR SKIN AN UNCOMPLICATED HELPING HAND TO STAY SOFT, YOUTHFUL AND BLEMISH FREE IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK. WHETHER YOU’RE INTO GADGETS, LOTIONS AND POTIONS, OR FOLLOWING NATURE’S LEAD, YOU’LL FIND SOMETHING HERE THAT MIGHT JUST FLOAT YOUR SKINCARE BOAT – ALL OF WHICH CAN BE USED ON OILY, DRY, OR AGEING SKIN. BY POLLY HUMPHRIS For gadget lovers MAGNITONE FULL MONTY VIBRA-SONIC DAILY CLEANSING BRUSH £130, Ever heard of the term ‘skin gym’? Word on the street is that our faces can benefit just as much from a good workout as our bodies: manual cleansing is out, and vibra-sonic technology – a combination of pulse vibrations and sonic oscillations that wobbles deep dirt out of pores, tones skin, and boosts microcirculation for a youthful glow – is in. Step up the all-singing, all-dancing Magnitone Full Monty Vibra- Sonic Daily Cl eansing Brush – an incredibly easy to use piece of skin kit with five very easy to understand settings: daily cleanse; sensitive; pulse-lift toning; body exfoliate; and pedi-buff. The first three are for your face and the last two are for your body and feet respectively; the Full Monty isn’t a one-trick pony and can actually be used to smooth and de-rough from head to toe. Justifying its £130 price tag (which only works out at 35p a day over a year), a lot of thought has gone into this little turquoise machine. It’s wireless, so it’s fully portable, and one charge lasts about two weeks; its sealed, rubber finish means it’s 100 per cent waterproof, so you can use it in the shower; it’s light, but feels as solid as a quality gadget should; and it works – your skin will feel cleaner, softer and smoother in no time. 121