insideKENT Magazine Issue 63 - June 2017 - Page 12

Whitehead Monckton solicitors can help you complete all the legal steps, whether you’re buying or selling a property. We take pride in offering a no-nonsense approach to what can sometimes be a frustrating process, helping ensure your transaction is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible. Recognised by the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Accreditation Scheme, a requirement for some mortgage lenders to use the same solicitors. Contact us today Canterbury 01227 643250 Maidstone 01622 698000 Tenterden 01580 765722 Whitehead Monckton Limited (no. 08366029), registered in England & Wales. Registered office 72 King Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1BL. Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under no. 608279. IKM/1 12 •• Buying, selling or both? insideKENT insideKENT insideKENT insideKENTmagazine Creative & Editorial Director Donna Martin Sales & Publishing Director Adam Ready Features & Online Editor Lisamarie Lamb Fashion Editor Molly Neznanski Gil Senior Designer Dave Leo Yogore Graphic Designer Laurence Whymark Senior Account Manager Greg Bettles Account Managers Jerry Barrett / Becky Chapple Operations Managers Samantha Ready / Kelly Hyham Contributors Polly Humphris / Explore Kent / Marc Farmer Photography Ap-Art Photography Cover Thackeray’s © insideKENT Magazine is published by Sideways Media Ltd The Panorama, Park Street, Ashford, Kent TN24 8EZ hello@sidew ^\YYXK˝Z˜Y]^\YYXK˝Z‘܈[\[[]Z\Y\X\H۝X L [Y]^\š[Y]^\•[[H]H[\Y]\XY^[KX\H\]ۈHY[܈XXH] ܈[Y\\[[]Z\Y\X\H۝XY[HXYBۈ L LNH܈[XZ[Y[PY]^\YYXK˝Z°H\Y MˈHY]^\Y[\XY^[H\BX\\[HHوHX\\Z]\HX\\܈[H\\ۈ\X]Y]HX[ۈ[XX][ۈو\XY^[HXZH[HX\[Y\\[Y\›܈Z[\\HX\XK\[H܈][\و[HقH۝[و\XY^[K\و\XY^[HX^HBYY \XY܈[Z]Y[[HܛH]]BX\\&\ܚ][ۜ[ \ۜX[]H\Z[܂[X]YY]ܚX[ [XY\܈ܘ\X\Y [B]\H\H\Z[X\[]Z[\HXX[H[HX\\Z\\ۜX[]H܈Z\[ۜ܈\ܜ˂X\\\\ۜXH܈[H\X][ۈ[[XYH\YB[[\\