insideKENT Magazine Issue 61 - April 2017 - Page 165

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Where are the skills our children will need to optimise the internet ?

Well , complex problem-solving skills are embedded in the curriculum at Sevenoaks School , so in theory we need look no further .
Our alumni certainly go on to achieve extraordinary things ; equipped as they are with the skills they need to change the waiting world .
Robyn Exton for example , mastered complex problem solving at Sevenoaks . She left in 2004 , and now runs a mighty tech-based business in Silicon Valley ; a business she built from scratch serving a market worth billions .
It ’ s worth considering then , that many of the skills your child may need to make a significant impact , can be acquired here at Sevenoaks .
www . sevenoaksschool . org
Every day at Sevenoaks , students practise complex problem solving , critical thinking , creative thinking , negotiation , team working and service provision – essential skills our alumni will use to excel at jobs which have yet to be invented and to reshape their world .