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to release their nutrients and are applied in late winter or early spring in preparation for the growing season .

Figs can be either grown as half-standard or bush trees ( including those grown in pots ). The initial pruning is similar to training other bush top fruit such as apples and pears . They can also be trained as a fan against a wall . that bamboo plants in containers do not try out in winter , however , since the foliage is prone to wind scorch .
In very cold weather , insulate containers with bubble wrap or move them to frost-free conditions . To ensure fresh new growth , divide the bamboo every couple of years using a saw to cut through the rootball , retaining the younger rhizomes and canes .
Bush or half standard figs : aim for a balanced open crown that allows light into the centre of the canopy . Prune in the early spring . Remove any branches that spoil the shape , or which are crossing or damaged , along with any suckers appearing from the ground . If needed cut back one or two branches that have become too long and bare to a 5cm ( 2in ) stub to stimulate new growth from the base of the branch .
Smaller bamboos make ideal container plants grown in a large pot ( at least 45cm ( 18in ) across and deep ) in loam based potting compost . When planting , incorporate controlled release fertiliser pellets and water retaining gel in the compost . During summer , water frequently and feed with a liquid feed regularly . Reduce watering and stop feeding in winter . Ensure
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