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Orwell + Austen Cashmere is quickly becoming the go-to online outlet for classic cashmere pieces with a fun , contemporary twist . The brand philosophy is to create wearable and simple , but special everyday pieces from high quality natural materials that combine classic shapes and cuts with playful colours and detailing . An homage to the late , great David Bowie ’ s creative flair , and inspired by his famous Aladdin Sane album cover , this divine ‘ Bowie ’ sweater is made from a beautifully soft cashmere and wool blend and features the iconic lightning bolt synonymous with Bowie ’ s music .
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The plot of this addictive series revolves around a wife who has some sort of dramatic transformation and develops a penchant for human flesh . Sounds gruesome and ridiculous ; isn ’ t gruesome , is ridiculous – but in a hugely entertaining way . A stellar performance from A-lister , Drew Barrymore , alongside Timothy Olyphant ( you ’ ll recognise his face , even if you don ’ t recognise his name ), delivers a lighthearted dose of quirky hilarity in every bite-size episode .
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Early records suggest the area in which Durham now sits dates back as early as 2000 BC , which means it ’ s had an awfully long time to build up a really strong culture – notably marked by the city ’ s proud cathedral and other Norman architecture that dots its surrounds . Durham ’ s trump card lies on the stage however and the city now lays claim to a phenomenal 82 theatres ; a hub of the arts , it ’ s one of the UK ’ s most cultural cities and a must-explore place for anyone with a lust for music , art , drama and dance .
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With over 120-million users worldwide , Duolingo is a free science-based language education platform that has organically grown to become one of the most popular ways to learn languages online . Learning your chosen language ( anything from Italian to Swahili and Vietnamese ) through a series of fun and varied exercises that are proven to help newfound language knowledge stick , your progress is tracked , measured and prompted , so that you neither fall behind nor lose interest .
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Here at Sideways Media , we ’ re all obsessed with houmous and it usually finds its way into most lunchtime conversations … Me Too ! Houmous is a vegetarian , gluten-free and kosher brand of the delightful dip that ’ s made over a threeday process guaranteeing optimum quality and a wonderfully fresh flavour that tastes as though it was made in a small Mediterranean kitchen just a few hours prior to eating . Houmous purists should opt for original , but if you ’ re feeling adventurous try jalapeno , lemon and coriander , red chilli , or houmous topped with Egyptian dukkah .
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