insideKENT Magazine Issue 60 - March 2017 - Page 84

HEALTH+WELLNESS BELLA VOU Q&A YOUR COSMETIC PROCEDURE QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY MR AMIR NAKHDJEVANI OF BELLA VOU, TUNBRIDGE WELLS QUESTION: When talking about cosmetic procedures, we most often think of women. What procedures are there for men, and how popular are they? ANSWER: It is certainly true that many people think of cosmetic surgery as “something for the ladies” but in fact cosmetic surgery for men accounts for around 10 per cent of procedures carried out in the UK today. While this is a relatively small amount, it doesn’t tell the whole story as the number of men going under the knife has risen by more than 110% since 2000. This is due to a combination of factors but principally because attitudes have changed and it doesn’t mean that you’re any less of a man to want to look your best and to do something about it. The stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery has also decreased and male attitudes towards grooming and caring for their appearance have changed. More men are now willing to undergo procedures that they might otherwise have been embarrassed to do so. HAIR TRANSPLANTS Hair loss is very common and can seriously affect men’s self-esteem. One of the most exciting developments in male cosmetic surgery is in the field of hair transplants, which have come on leaps and bounds over the past decade. No more unsightly hair plugs, rather just natural looking hair, and yes it's your own hair! With the latest techniques in hair transplantation we can now offer a permanent solution to hair loss. By transplanting individual hair follicles from the back of the patient’s own head, the risk of rejection of the new hair is very low and leaves a very faint scar line that is hard to notice. Men (and women, let’s not forget them) don’t need to suffer with hair loss which affects so many of us, some as early as 18 year olds. RHINOPLASTY The nose job or rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men in the UK, with over a thousand operations performed every year. The popularity of contact sports such as rugby and boxing leads to sport-related injuries including broken noses, which many men look to get corrected (especially before their wedding day!). Others opt for a nose job to improve the appearance of their nose which builds self confidence and sense of wellbeing. Nose corrective surgery is very varied and precise surgery given the many shapes and sizes of noses that we see. Most rhinoplasties are performed under a general anaesthetic which typically takes one to two hours. Most corrective nasal procedures are performed from within the nose so that no scars are visible following the surgery. An incision is made inside the nostrils, the surgeon then reshapes the bone and cartilage to change the size and shape of the nose. GYNECOMASTIA While many men may find breasts appealing, seldom is this the case on themselves. Man boobs or gynacomasita is a condition where male breast tissue becomes overdeveloped or enlarged. This can occur through genetics but also as a result of weight gain and can effect men of all ages. Excess chest tissue or ‘man boobs’ can be very embarrassing and cause distress for men. Exercise and diet alone are often not enough to shift the excess fatty tissue, and men are increasingly turning to surgical solutions. Male breast reduction surgery reduces the excess fat and tissue from the chest while improving the shape and contour of the chest for a more pleasing and masculine appearance. The procedure takes approximately one hour and recovery is typically within one week with some bruising and swelling. ‘TURNING BACK THE CLOCK’ TREATMENTS Among older men, eyelid surgery is the most common anti-aging procedure. The procedure removes those heavy eyelids that give us a tired look, or affect eye function such as reading. So you can now have an age defying procedure and say it was a medical requirement. Heavy eyelids are sometimes so hooded that they impair vision and affect reading. Eyebags can also be removed to rejuvenate the eyes and to make them once again look bright. Liposuction to remove the double chin is another popular procedure, which can be completed under local anaesthetic in around half an hour. Facelifts and neck lifts to restore the jaw and neckline and to remove the ‘turkey neck’ are again ever increasing among men. Non-surgical treatments are also on the rise amongst men. Anti-wrinkle injections are now more popular than ever. These injectable treatments typically are repeated every four to six months but provide a very effective solution to turning back the clock, all inside your lunch hour. 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