insideKENT Magazine Issue 60 - March 2017 - Page 54


GET CLEVER in the kitchen cont .
Products you ’ ll want
Amco ’ s Rub-A-Way Bar
A stainless steel block shaped like a bar of soap , the Rub-A-Way Bar claims to simply rub away the strong and lingering smell of onions , garlic and fish from your hands during cooking preparation . The molecules in the steel bind with the sulphur molecules on your hands apparently , transferring the foul smell off your hands and onto the metal .
£ 6.40 , www . amcohouseworks . com
Sistema KLIP IT™ Cracker Accents
Food Huggers
A range of stretchy silicone storage covers , these marvellous discs prolong the life of fruits and veg by covering and forming a seal around the cut end . Colourful , washable and incredibly effective , they ’ ll keep lemons gin and tonic-fresh for a good two weeks and save your onions from that awkward floppy stage too . There ’ s even one for avocados .
One of those products that ’ s almost too obvious to own , but that you ’ ll now own forevermore , the Sistema Cracker Accent is a cracker-shaped airtight container and the answer to your soggy cracker prayers . Stackable , washable and available in whole , half , or quarter pack sizes , grab one of these and your crackers will remain crisp and cheese ready .
From £ 4 , www . amazon . co . uk
£ 11.15 ( set of 5 ), www . foodhuggers . com
The Thermapen takes the guess work out of calculating when your food ’ s ready to come out of the oven providing an accurate temperature reading in just three seconds . Particularly good at indicating when poultry is sufficiently cooked ( which is handy considering chicken is the food linked to an estimated 244,000 cases of food poisoning per year ), it has a patented 360 ° self-rotating display that can be used in any position , and in either hand .
£ 60 , www . thermapen . co . uk
Clip-on pouring spout
A clever invention that easily attaches to mixing bowls , pots , pans and skillets , this clip-on spout welcomes mess-free pouring and straining into your kitchen . Made from high-temperature withstanding Japanese silicone , it ’ s dishwasher safe and hardy , and it doubles as a spoon rest too .
£ 8 , www . silpoura . com