insideKENT Magazine Issue 60 - March 2017 - Page 16

Registered charity 1101358 How do we prepare children for jobs that don’t exist yet? None of us knows today what the world is going to require of us tomorrow. But some of us are keeping an extremely close eye on things. At Sevenoaks School, many of the skills that will be called for in the future are embedded in our curriculum now. Critical thinking for instance, is exercised here daily from the start. So is complex problem solving. With one eye firmly trained on the world beyond our gates, we equip all our students with the skills they will need to reshape it. So if sixty per cent of roles have yet to be invented*, Sevenoaks alumni will be ready to take them on when they are. *The Future of Jobs report, World Economic Forum. Potential jobs listed include: Space Pilot, Recycling Enforcer, Nano-medic, Memory Augmentation Surgeon, Hydroponic Farmer, Graphene Engineer, Experimental Food Developer, Ethical Hacker, Climate Change Reversal Specialist, Avatar Manager/Virtual Teacher