insideKENT Magazine Issue 60 - March 2017 - Page 154

BUSINESS BUSINESS HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT RUNNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS IS A 24/7 ENDEAVOUR – THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE TO CHASE ABOUT SOMETHING. IT’S STRESSFUL AND IT’S CRAZY AND IT’S HARD. VERY HARD. BUT DESPITE ALL OF THAT, DESPITE THE DIFFICULTIES AND THE PRESSURES AND THE NEVERENDING NATURE OF THE WORK, MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE WALKING AWAY FROM THEIR 9-5 JOBS, BECOMING SELF-EMPLOYED AND STARTING THEIR OWN SMALL BUSINESSES. For those who go for it, for those with the right skills and the drive to succeed, running a small business is infinitely rewarding. It’s not just about the money (although that does help of course), but about the freedom and the knowledge that this is all because of you. You’ve done this. You’ve made these things, you’ve created something, and other people want it. That’s quite something. No one is born with the knowledge of how to succeed in business, and for many that feeling of doubt and of not knowing what to do is what stops them from just going for it and giving it a shot. That shouldn’t, however, stop anyone from doing what they want, especially in Kent. We have a vast range of different business resources to call upon for everyone from start-ups to long established SMEs looking for ways to expand. If you are thinking of going it alone and starting your own small business – or if you’re thinking of taking the next steps for growth – have a look at the following resources, and good luck! FEDERATION OF SMALL BUSINESSES: KENT & MEDWAY REGION The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is an excellent resource for everyone involved in running their own business. Formed in 1974, the FSB is headed by experts in the business world who offer a range of different vital business services including financial expertise, support and advice on HR, payroll, tax and legal services. The aim of the FSB is to enable small businesses to survive and succeed. SMALL BUSINESS RESOURCES The Small Business Resources website is a free online service that offers a range of different services to SMEs including advertising, web design and even printing if it is required. It is a way to gather all your marketing materials together for a minimal cost, which can be essential when setting up a business. There is a handy business index that members can join and search through as well. THE KENT FOUNDATION: BUSINESS SUPPORT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE The Kent Foundation, based in Maidstone, is a business-based charity that provides free business support and advice specifically for young people in Kent who are looking to start their own business. The aim of the charity is to build confidence in young people so that they can realise their business potential. It is a way for young people to find belief in their ideas, as well as a guaranteed support network that is full of business experts. KENT & MEDWAY GROWTH HUB The Kent & Medway Growth Hub offers free advice in a variety of different areas including import/export, legal advice, growth and innovation and finance for new business start-ups. 154