insideKENT Magazine Issue 60 - March 2017 - Page 120

EDUCATION IN ASSOCIATION WITH NEWS FROM THE DUKE OF YORK’S ROYAL MILITARY SCHOOL WELCOME TO OUR NEW PRINCIPAL The School recently welcomed a new Principal, Mr Alex Foreman, who has moved from Kings School in Germany. Mr Foreman’s background with British Forces Germany, has enabled him to appreciate the benefit that military values and a military ethos can have on the learning culture of a school, and which the students from both military and non-military backgrounds who study here fully embrace. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA The School’s international musical production of The Phantom of the Opera was spectacularly performed over four nights in late November. Partnering with West Point High School, Virginia in the United States, students magnificently rose to the challenge of gruelling dance, singing and acting rehearsals while working with another cast 3,500 miles away. JUNIORS ENJOY SPORTING SUCCESS IN HOLLAND Funded by Old Dukie, Paul Harrington and Law Firm Irwin Mitchell, 31 Junior Dukies from Years 7 and 8 visited Holland for a short developmental Hockey Tour in half term. They trained really hard and it is starting to pay off, as the U13 junior A team boys secured a confident win over Harvey Grammar School. A THANK YOU FROM SOPHIE Seven years have gone by so fast, and it feels like only yesterday when I was a fresh-faced Year 7 getting lost on the way to lessons. Seven years sounds like a long time, however it has been the most amazing experience and has truly flown by. Not only has this School provided me with some brilliant learning opportunities and sporting experiences, but also a group of friends that I am happy to call my family, and memories to carry for a lifetime. Having climbed the ladder to where I am now, I am very grateful that I made the decision to not only come to this School, but to continue on my journey into Sixth Form. This Sixth Form is prestigious, with an excellent approach to learning, great opportunities to undertake responsibilities, and a huge network of support for university and life after School. Nothing has given me such a sense of pride than representing the School in netball, hockey and tennis. Going from Year 7, having never picked up a netball before, to being appointed 1st team netball captain this year. My wish for all those who are on this journey is to embrace what School life has to offer; this School has made me, and will make you, life-ready, and so my final words are: “Thank you to my teachers and peers for shaping me into the independent and well-rounded person I will be when leaving through the School gates in July.” Sophie, Senior Prefect 120