insideKENT Magazine Issue 60 - March 2017 - Page 111

Registered charity 1101358 Where are the skills our children will need to discover new planets? Well, creative thinking skills are embedded in the curriculum at Sevenoaks School, so in theory we need look no further. Our alumni certainly go on to achieve extraordinary things; equipped as they are with the skills they need to change the waiting world. Lars Blackmore for example, mastered creative thinking at Sevenoaks. He left in 1998, studied robotics at MIT, earned a PhD and went to work for NASA. Primary objective: how best to land a craft on Mars. It’s worth considering then, that many of the skills your child may need to make a significant impact, can be acquired here at Sevenoaks. Every day at Sevenoaks, students practise creative thinking, critical thinking, complex problem solving, negotiation, team working and service provision – essential skills our alumni will use to excel at jobs which have yet to be invented and to reshape their universe.