insideKENT Magazine Issue 59 - February 2017 - Page 81

Types of Tea

There are a number of different tea varieties , and each one tastes different to the next . But it ’ s not all about taste – there are health benefits to think about too when choosing your perfect brew .
White tea is the most natural , least processed of all the different types of tea available . Creating this tea is a truly hands-off process , as the leaves are simply allowed to wither in the sun until they are dry enough to be used .
White tea is considered to be the ‘ tea of teas ’ in China . It comes from the mountainous Fujian region of China , and the tree is the famous camellia sinensis . It should be drunk ‘ pure ’ ( without milk ) to enjoy the taste , and should be made with hot but not boiling water . If you want to , you can add lemon or honey , but it does have a very subtle taste which can easily be masked so don ’ t go in too heavy handed .
The main benefit found in drinking white tea is that it is full of anti-oxidants . Antioxidants stop cell damage , so they ’ re great as an anti-aging tool . White tea also offers protection against UV light , and keeps skin healthy . Drinking white tea can even give you a reduced risk of cancer and help with cardiovascular disorders . Diabetic people often find that white tea increases insulin secretion and therefore provides relief . And some studies show that it is good for weight loss too .
Green tea is all about improving brain function . It can aid concentration which is why it is popular with students and those who find themselves working long hours . There are many different varieties of green tea , but they all have similar health benefits .
Green tea started life as a medicine in China . It was a ‘ catch-all ’ cure because it reduced blood pressure and therefore solved any number of ills . Although it comes from the same tree as white and black tea , the process involved in making green tea is what , apparently , makes it so useful when it comes to health . There is no fermentation process in green tea ( unlike black tea ) which means that it retains more antioxidants than other types .
Green tea speeds up the metabolism , and the polyphenol that it contains helps burn fat – so it is often used as part of a weight loss plan . It also slows the rise of blood sugar , which greatly aids those with diabetes . As
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