insideKENT Magazine Issue 59 - February 2017 - Page 35

THE CONCEPT The concept can be something that the couple proposes from the outset (lace detail from the dress, piece of jewellery, inspiration from the venue), or can be completely left up to the designer. As bespoke cake designers, however small or insignificant a comment made by the client, it is imperative the designer can pick up on it, hone it and turn the comment into something magical, memorable and delicious. For us, cake design should be as individual and unique as the clients, and should fit them and their event like a glove. With our ability to think outside the box, and an extensive art and design background, working out what the client wants before they actual know is a bit of a skill, and one we are rightly proud of. Whether the client prefers classical/traditional, modern, conceptual, art-inspired, sculptural, 3D, sci-fi, or is into faeries, dragons or unicorns, there is very little we haven't made before or will in the future. Our mantra is simple: If you can imagine it, we can make it. If you can't imagine it, trust us! We always work from an exquisitely designed and detailed sketch compiled from detailed notes taken at the consultation and tasting – another reason the consultation and tasting is so important. Once approved by the client, every sketch is accompanied by comprehensive records of what has been agreed, colours, quantities and specific areas of design. THE PROCESS & COMPLETION Your cake designer should stay in touch with you throughout the creation process, by phone, email or in person. You’ll want to feel confident knowing they’re working on your cake and are on track every step of the way. Your designer should also be available to chat about any ideas or design change requests at any time throughout the process; as we all know (especially with wedding coordination), things don’t always go exactly to plan, and your ideas, colours or decorations may change. After the initial concept stage, you’ll get a complete, detailed drawing of what your cake will look like, so you’ll be relaxed knowing what your final design will look like. Our aim is to have our newly married couples walk into their wedding reception, see their bespoke cake for the first time, and be absolutely floored – we have yet to have a couple who aren’t! What happens with the cake on my wedding day? All the details regarding delivery and set-up are up to us, so you have one less thing to worry about on your important day. We’ll coordinate with your venue, deliver the cake, and set everything up. We can also have a staff member there throughout your wedding reception to talk your guests through your cake design and flavours, and also to cut and serve. This is especially helpful if you have a unique bespoke design that may be complicated to cut. “WORKING WITH LISA TO DESIGN OUR DREAM WEDDING CAKE WAS AN ABSOLUTE DELIGHT! SHE IS NOT ONLY AMAZINGLY CREATIVE, BUT SO LOVELY AND ENTHUSIASTIC. SHE TOTALLY UNDERSTOOD OUR IDEAS AND THEME, COMING UP WITH A CAKE THAT WAS NOT ONLY BEAUTIFUL, INTRICATE AND IMPRESSIVE BUT ALSO TASTED DIVINE! IT WAS THE TALK OF OUR WEDDING RECEPTION!” SAM R © Ap Art Photography If you’re planning a wedding and are interested in a consultation and tasting with Beachcomber Cakes, get in touch with Lisa on 01797 367701 or email 35