insideKENT Magazine Issue 59 - February 2017 - Page 34

WEDDINGS FROM CONCEPT TO CREATION Your Dream Wedding Cake BY LISA PARKINSON OF BEACHCOMBER CAKES / PHOTOS BY AP ART PHOTOGRAPHY WWW.APARTPHOTOGRAPHY.COM SO, HOW IN THE WORLD OF ‘EDIBLE ART’ DO WE BEGIN DESIGNING A COUPLE’S DREAM WEDDING CAKE? CONTRARY TO A WIDELY HELD BELIEF, CAKE ISN'T SIMPLE TO CREATE, IT'S NOT ALL THE SAME IN TEXTURE, FLAVOUR OR QUALITY, NOR ARE ALL CAKE MAKERS EQUAL IN THEIR SKILLS OR EXPERIENCE. IF YOU HAVE YOUR HEART SET ON A BESPOKE, JAW-DROPPING CENTREPIECE TO YOUR WEDDING RECEPTION, A PROFESSIONAL BESPOKE CAKE DESIGNER IS THE WAY TO GO. CHOOSING A CAKE DESIGNER The million dollar question! However much you are in love with a cake designer’s work, personalities affect the ability for both parties to work with each other successfully. Securing a cake designer that you can work with, who has a personality that fits with your own, is professional yet open to your suggestions, is not as easy as one would think. If the client feels uneasy about the cake designer, they shouldn't book them. Ditto, if the cake designer is uneasy about working with the client, they also have the right to say no; this works both ways and neither party should feel offended. Always ask to see the designer’s or bakery’s Hygiene Certificate and Public Liability Insurance documentation if they are not openly displayed. Any reputable wedding venue should ask for copies of these for their records and many will not accept any cakes onto their premises that are not accompanied by these documents. Consider what services your cake designer offers in addition to designing the cake, such as having a member of staff in chef whites at your venue to discuss your cake with your guests and serve it to them later; some offer this service, many do not. There is usually a premium for this service, but worth considering. When should you book your cake designer? As one of the South East’s leading 3D edible artists, our diary fills very quickly, especially through the busy summer wedding season, so one of the first questions to ask is if your wedding date is available. We recommend that once a couple has established their date and booked their venue, they research a suitable cake designer and book them as soon as possible. Should your wedding be two years away, do not think that's too early to book your cake designer – it certainly isn't. CONSULTATION AND TASTING Would you buy a wedding dress you haven't tried on or even seen? Of course not, so why would you book a cake designer you may never have met or even tasted their cakes? We do not undertake ANY cake commissions without a prior consultation and tasting. Some questions you should consider during the consultation process: Do you enjoy the textures and flavours of the cake? Is the pricing structure within your budget? Do you feel at ease with the designer and confident in their skill set? Is the designer or the bakery open to ideas or are you expected to pick from a portfolio of designs? Have you spoken about any food allergies, access limitations at the venue, cake stand and knife hire, and the ‘small’ details? Clients should be encouraged by any cake designer or bakery to bring along to the consultation, fabric samples, colour palette, invitations and details of their venue – pretty much anything that might be relevant. Can you copy a cake design? Social media, especially Pinterest, is an amazing resource for the clients and many do come to us with images taken from it. However, most designs are protected by copyright, and it is therefore not appropriate to ask another cake designer to copy someone else's work. We may take inspiration from parts of a general concept to incorporate into the finished cake design such as edible lace, or adding brooches or ribbon. These elements are not copyrighted and can usually be reproduced. 34