insideKENT Magazine Issue 59 - February 2017 - Page 136

LAW NAVIGATING EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIPS THE EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP CAN BE A VERY COMPLICATED ONE. EMOTIONS CAN RUN HIGH AND IT CAN BE HARD TO TAKE A STEP BACK. THE RELATIONSHIP IS ALSO SURROUNDED BY AN AWFUL LOT OF LEGISLATION AND CASE LAW WHICH CAN BE RATHER DIFFICULT TO NAVIGATE. T G BAYNES IS NOW OFFERING AN OPPORTUNITY TO SPEND 30 MINUTES WITH ONE OF ITS PARTNERS, EMMA LEE, WHO HAS OVER 10 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE IN EMPLOYMENT LAW, AT EITHER ITS ORPINGTON OR BEXLEYHEATH OFFICES ON MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS. Emma can assist you with contract interpretation and/or negotiation where you are starting a new role, and provide advice and guidance on an attempt to vary your contract, lay you off or force short time working. She can help you understand a TUPE transfer and what it means for you including which of your rights are transferred and which are not, what happens if you chose to object to the transfer or are likely to be made redundant immediately after transfer. She can give guidance on how to go about making a flexible working request and appealing decisions; assist you in challenging unlawful deductions of wages, as well as issues with annual holiday entitlements and the taking of appropriate rest breaks. She can also give guidance on whether you can legitimately blow the whistle (also known as making a public interest disclosure), how to go about whistleblowing and the effect this might have on your employment relationship. Emma can offer advice and assistance in relation to discrimination on the grounds of your disability and the need for the employer to make reasonable adjustments as well as race, sex, age, marital status and religious discrimination. Additionally, Emma will be glad to discuss with you your options in a grievance or disciplinary process, the procedure which should be followed and the possible outcomes. Emma can also offer advice and guidance in relation to the proper procedure to be followed in a redundancy consultation including the search for a suitable alternative role and the package you should expect to receive. Importantly, these sessions are not intended to deal with Settlement Agreements where a package has been offered to you and it needs to be negotiated and concluded – Emma or one of her colleagues will be happy to meet with you at any time to discuss that under the terms offered in the agreement. Emma can also help you where you are thinking about leaving your role because of the way you have been treated or you have been dismissed by your employer without good reason and/or a proper procedure was not followed. She can guide you through the Employment Tribunal or County Court process and help you understand the role of ACAS in resolving disputes. Whilst it is intended that those who might want to meet Emma for the 30 minute sessions are Employees, Emma is willing to meet small business owners to discuss their particular needs as well. Please call us on 0800 0282 931 to book an appointment or email 136