insideKENT Magazine Issue 59 - February 2017 - Page 123

But the thing is , the Alfa Romeo has always been nothing short of a work of art , created with a perfect meld of passion and technical skill . The 2017 Giulia is no less this , and when you gaze upon it , you will find yourself with a bit of a ‘ neck mohawk ’. Sitting on 18 ” multi-spoke alloy wheels , and wearing a fine sports pack , the Super spec model we drove was truly stunning . I ' ve always thought Alfas , rather like Ferraris , were supposed to be only red – but again I was proven wrong . Our test car was adorned in luxurious Monte Carlo Blue – giving it a very befitting extra air of elegance and style .

First look inside the car is also a rather stopand-pause moment , and you need to try your hardest not to drool on the upholstery . Two-tone black and tan leather , a stylishly modern but not too modern dashboard , and a magnificent sticky-out steering wheel and paddle gear set-up that screams racing car at you , and makes you want to get out and
drive as soon as possible . The central digital display gives you access to in-car entertainment and navigation , and you can connect your phone up easily , if you really want people to call you and distract you from the enjoyment of driving this fantastic beast .
The Giulia is a powerful and fast car . It has 180bhp at its disposal , which allows it to go from 0-60 in 7.1 seconds , with a top speed of 143mph . And the noise when it is being put to the test is delicious ( I can only imagine , with a sizeable shudder of anticipation , what the Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio model – a car that broke records on the Nürburgring with it ' s 510bhp 2.9litre V6 engine – must feel like to drive !).