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Helen ’ s Story

46 , Surrey
Concept™ Facelift & Neck Tightening
For the last few years , my double chin and sagging neck were making my confidence disappear . It ’ s all I noticed when I looked in the mirror and I knew it would only get worse due to my genes ! Amir spoke with integrity and passion for his Concept™ Facelift and I thought then – this is what I need !
At my consultation , Amir showed me how I would look after surgery and I just wanted to have it done immediately . The fact that I didn ’ t have to have a general anaesthetic was a real bonus for me .
When my surgery day arrived I wasn ’ t at all nervous until I walked into Bella Vou . I wasn ’ t worried about the surgery itself as I completely trusted Amir ; it was the fear of the unknown . Amir talked to me
“ I feel I can face anything now ; I feel so much better about myself . I ’ m so pleased I went for it !”
throughout and took my mind off what was really happening . The experience was weird but amazing at the same time . I didn ’ t feel scared at all – I knew I was in safe hands . The worst part was the anaesthetic injections but it was soon over .
Three hours later and I was ready . There ’ s no need for recovery time , so I just sat up and Amir showed me the mirror . I was very swollen but had absolutely no bruises – amazing ! I was just so delighted that my double chin had gone , I don ’ t know why but I felt tearful . I think it was because I had tried so many things in the past ( non-surgical ) but they just didn ’ t work and now I have what I wanted , a lovely result .
Soon I was at home and felt very relaxed , pain free and very happy !
UKAAPS UK Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
The Royal College of Surgeons of England
Featured surgeon on
‘ Facelifts & Fillers ’
Mr Amir Nakhdjevani
MBBS , MRCS , FRCS ( Plast .) Consultant Plastic & Hair Transplant Surgeon
British Association of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons
Helen ’ s main concern was loose skin around her neck , developing jowls and volume of the chin . We performed a Concept™ Facelift , neck tightening and a small amount of liposuction to reduce some fullness to address Helen ’ s double chin . 3 hours later and Helen had the results she had been hoping for .
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