insideKENT Magazine Issue 49 - April 2016 - Page 127

80th Anniversary Morgan 4/4 PRICE AS TESTED: £41,490 OTR TOP SPEED: 115MPH 80th Anniversary Model (shown above, bottom left): £40,911 OTR 0-62 MPH: 8 seconds ECONOMY: Combined 40MPG PERFORMANCE: 110BHP Price for the 4/4 sport (the basic 'starter model' with 4 wheels and a flat back panel) from £36,315 OTR. speed of 115mph, but the mid-range power of the 4/4 is what delivers the real fun. And bearing in mind that your bottom is flying along just inches from the ground, it feels even faster than it is. This perceived feeling of speed and the resulting excitement it creates, is what real driving is all about! Oh and I'm sure this will be of little interest to a sports car enthusiast, but amazingly the 4/4 delivers 40mpg, making it one of the most economical sports cars on earth. When driving the Morgan, there were perhaps early feelings of naked vulnerability higher up in your body (I wrestled with unwelcome thoughts of 'what if we rolled it into a ditch?' for the first mile or so), emphasised further by the wind thrashing through your hair, but these are quickly exposed to be just mere echoes of a boring life spent driving modern cars, and are soon replaced by overwhelming, ecstatic senses of freedom and pure joy. 21st-century drivers spoilt by power-assisted steering, fancy suspension and electric assist braking will find the hefty brakes, hard ride and rugged steering of the Morgan a bit of an animal at first, but after you'll wonder how you'll ever go back to that boring 'safe' car you take to the office every day. In fact, you won't want to go to the office at all – you'll just want to spend all your time driving a Morgan! Steering those pleasurably beefy tyre-shod stainless steel wire wheels around the winding Marsh roads may have given the arms a good workout, but the pleasure of experiencing such magical handling, feedback and precision in cornering, delivered infinitely more reward than being in a gym with sweaty men in Lycra – and it felt far manlier! In fact, if I were to be caught grinning the same way the Morgan made me grin whilst pumping iron in the local Bannatynes, I imagine I would be evicted by security. 127 The Morgan 4/4 experience on that sunny day on the beautiful Marsh roads was something I will treasure for a very long time to come. It reawoke a truth within; it spoke of what is important in life, the things we all hope for and dream of. It enabled time to enjoy life, time to be mindful, time to just live in the moment and derive pleasure from whatever we are doing. No longer did I feel like a prisoner, as the 4/4 made me feel that I )݅́