insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 98

HALLOWEEN KENT’S MOST FRIGHTENING (AND FUN!) Halloween Attractions cont. Kent-Aminated // 26-28 Oct Halloween at Belmont House // 28 Oct Enjoy a spooktacular family outing to Belmont this Halloween. Children can reveal their inner artist with pumpkin carving and creepy craft making with Lynsey of Creative Mash Ups. There will also be a spooky trail around the gardens for everyone to enjoy. The tea tent will be open from 11am for soup, cakes and Halloween treats. £5.00 per child, £1.00 per adult (all materials included). No booking required. The zombie apocalypse is upon us...the once beautiful sites of Kent Life have been ‘Kent-aminated’. The familiar buildings have fallen into disarray and the Big Top transformed into a medical tent to cope with the ever growing numbers of casualties while members of staff fight to defend the historic houses from ruin and provide a place of safety for the people of Kent. You, along with your fellow survivors, must gather at the Registration Point to be processed before being guided through Kent Life to the Safe Zone, which is the only way to survive the outbreak. Will you make it out alive? QuExtreme Terror // 26-28 Oct Broadstairs Halloween Party // 28 Oct Children's Halloween party for children up to 11 years with party games and music. Children must be accompanied by an adult and both must have tickets to be admitted. This is a very popular event and usually sells out in advance so you are advised to purchase tickets as soon as they go on sale. Spooky Events At The Walnuts // 31 Oct 98 Quex Park in association with Nail in the Coffin productions presents QuExtreme Terror for another year! Within the eerie surroundings of Quex Park’s forest areas, maize field and woodland trails, you’re invited to join a spine-c ٕɔѡȸQѕٔեЁ)ѡՍ́ѡЁݼ啅́Սѕѡɕѡɥ͍ɕϊѼ)չՔ͔%ԁɔȁѥ)аݥѠոȁѡ́!ݕѡѡȃL)EՕAɬȁѡձѥє͍ɔɬɥѕ́(ظЁ䁥̀A͔єѡٕ́Ё́ȁ̀ȬQɔɔ䁝́ЁQ]́ѡ́!ݕ́ӊe)ͼѕɴӊéѼхЁȁɥȵɕЁɽє)ȁѡٕ]䁹Ёݸхمхѡɕ)ѕ́ݡݥɕѥȁ͍䁙́ѼݥѠ)љÁхЁѡщѕȁոa!չЁѡӊd)ɽչѡɔѡӊéЁ՝Ʌɽͽȁݥ)͡܁ԁ܁Ѽȁݸͱ䁽]͑)=ѽȁɽѼQ]́́݅ɐѼ)͍ɥ̸͕Ԅ)ܹՕٕ̹լܹѡ݅͡ɔ