insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 76

Whats coming up at Great Danes Elvis Tribute Night, Friday 12th October 2018 Put on your ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and ‘Jail House Rock to this fantastic night of Classic Elvis. Enjoy a ‘With a little less conversation‘.. and a delicious three-course meal and then dance along to all the classics! 7.30pm arrival for 8pm dinner £35 per person In support of Pelican Cancer Foundation & Breast Cancer Care A Night of Ska & Reggae - Skabretta LIVE, Saturday 20 th October 2018 Known for their mix of SKA, Reggae and 2-tone covers as well as their own material, SKAbretta are growing a varied fan base of all ages. SKAbretta have quickly become a recognised name in the ska scene and shared a stage with Jamaican reggae legends such as Dennis Alcapone and Carl St. Clair of Desmond Dekkers Aces. Music only event. Tickets from only £10 per person. This will be a night you wont want to miss! Fawlty Towers Dinner, 27 th October 2018 Relive your favourite Fawlty Towers memories without having to travel down to Torquay. Expect a big fun night in a friendly party atmosphere with professional comedy actors, delivering an entertaining evening with your enjoyment always at the top of the menu. For only £38.95 per person, enjoy a delicious three course dinner with NO RIFF RAFF and no rats running lose in the kitchen! Don’t ask for the Waldorf salad because Basil will have run out of Waldorfs! Dreamboats and Petticoats Tribute Lunch, Sunday 25 th November 2018 Join us for a 3 course lunch and enjoy all the great rock’n’roll chart hits as featured in the box office smash hit London Show ‘Dreamboats and Petticoats’. ‘rock till you drop’ with a magical blend of popular chart hits from the 1950’s and early 1960’s made famous by Buddy Holly, Elvis, Billy Fury, Dusty Springfield to name just a few. Tickets £25.95 per person, in 6VFW2F&VR6W'6RV6FVG&6gFW&( 26&7F26&7VF"BFV6V&W"#6&W2F6V>( 6762v7B7F'2'&VvBƗfRF2G&FF&GV7F6WFRvF&VWFgVW&B67GVR6rF6RBvf6VBW6666&Rद7&F6ǒ66VBFVG&R66FW&W6R267&v^( 2g&VV'B&Vv2FVBBRfǒV'&6W2FRfW7FfR7&BF27B6&7F77b6&7F2FW2GVBF6WB *36BF6WB *3f֖ǒF6WB *3SF&ƖRwwrW&7W&VG7FR6VWfVBGW2FVW&7W&RG7FRw&VBFW2FVƖv&W&RVBSr$PwwrW&7W&VG7FR6V( "WfVG4W&7W&VG7FR6V( "c#"S#Sc