insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 66

VISITKENT DEATH-DEFYING ACROBATICS TO KICK OFF YOUR AUTUMN HALF TERM! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT WHEN YOU GO TO THE CIRCUS? THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH? THE AWARD-WINNING NO SHOW JOYOUSLY AND HEARTBREAKINGLY REVEALS WHAT REALLY LIES HIDDEN BENEATH THE SHOWMANSHIP OF CIRCUS THIS AUTUMN HALF TERM ON FRIDAY 19TH OCTOBER AT FOLKESTONE QUARTERHOUSE. Five strong, glamorous circus showgirls showcase their spellbinding acrobatics and flexibility in Ellie Dubois’ award-winning production. After a strong opening number, cracks begin to show and the performance begins to break down. Watch in awe as No Show unveils the attempts, failures, frustrations and competition that circus artists endure. From minor injuries to full-blown concussion, find out what really could go wrong behind the act of flawless smiles and perfect execution of traditional circus performance! Witness every wobble, feel the performer’s pain and learn the real cost of aiming for perfection. With female strength, power and skill taking centre stage, No Show is for anyone who has tried, failed, and failed better. Take a peek behind the curtain and find out just how superhuman your favourite circus performers really are. 66 With human vulnerability, No Show went on to win the prestigious Herald Angel award after taking the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 by storm. Because even on days when muscles ache and bruises are glowing, the show must go on, served up with a big, happy smile and a theatrical flourish! No Show is the unseen reality that Ellie Dubois brings to the limelight. “If the battle to perfect those slick, quick moves on dangerous equipment seems cruelly unrelenting, there’s another challenge and it’s the gender trap.” - The Herald. Enter the big top this autumn half term. No Show is at Folkestone Quarterhouse at 7.30pm on Friday 19th October. Head to to find out more, check out the trailer and to book tickets, or call the Box Office on 01303 760750.