insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 46

ARTS+ENTERTAINMENT CHATHAM PANTO IS PURRRFECT! THIS YEAR’S PANTOMIME AT THE CENTRAL THEATRE, CHATHAM, IS SIMPLY THE CAT’S WHISKERS! DICK WHITTINGTON AND HIS CAT OPENS ON FRIDAY 7TH DECEMBER AND RUNS UNTIL MONDAY 31ST DECEMBER 2018. The all-star cast is headed by star of stage and screen, Ray Quinn, who takes the title role. Ray is a multi-talented actor, singer, dancer and ice skater whose first screen appearance was in Brookside as Anthony Murray back in 1999 when he was just 10. Since then, Ray has gone on to reach The X Factor final in 2006, only losing out to Leona Lewis. That led to a career in music and, of late, musicals including Grease, Legally Blonde, Dirty Dancing and, currently, the UK tour of Summer Holiday as Don. He is also well known for ‘doing the double’ on ITV’s Dancing on Ice, winning for the first time in 2009 and v#Bf"FP6b626r&27G&vW"FFfrW&f&VBfVVW0WBFvFR6VG'fW"FRV'2'W@F222f'7BWFr2W"W&F6vGFwFदRG&6&WGW&2RFVGvf"F&BV"F2FR2FR6FR6b6&FR6( 2VB'FfWFW&खvBFR"FVVBW7BV"FPC`66B6VWr&VWGBFR6VG&FVG&R2FVƖvFVBFBFW( &R&60FW"FFW"B66&R0vFf"2FRǖ20FV26fvRB27W'&VFǒ67&VVআ26V6B6W&W2bFRB4$$26rFPFVvVW'22V&VBfW"3PF֖W22vV2W&f&֖r@F&V7Fr7FvRW662B2P֖vB6&V6v6R2RbbFP&VGF6V&6WFFfRW6WvfW2'&VFBVG&W( 2fr7F'&VBFV EbG2f"RV'2vWBW"&2B76W2&VGf"FRWfr&BVB'vW7BVB7F"7FWfV6W&Ɩ7FWfV2&VVr&FFW2f V'2F27&72FRBBF0V"v2fW'&VBF&R֖FVBf"&W7@&FFRBFRw&VB'&F6Fv&G26WFrFR67B2W7667&2Ɩ6PfGv'&V( 2vF6vGFwFvW V'CW76627W'&VFǒFW"2R6BF2fvrFRTFW"`vFW&Bv66RVBf'7B6fW Ɩ6RBBf&vWGFrF6vGFwF( 0fFgVfVƖRg&VB( 226BFR67B6fVGW&W2#VrF6W'2g&Ц7&72VGvBVBv7V66W76gVǐVFFVBvFfW"VgV2FvFV 66RF6RgFW"7BV.( 2G&VbF6VWp&VWGF6vGFwF&֗6W2F&RFPGfVGW&RbƖfWFRg&FR7G&VWG2`F7V7F7V"fvR7&72FP6WfV6V2F&66&rWBFR&V2f"FR&W7BfW7FfRf֖ǐVFW'FVB&VB( 2&r@wwrVGvF6WG6ƗfR6V"6FR&ff6Rc3B3333