insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 18

COMPETITION GET YOUR ‘DANCING’ SHOES ON FOR THIS YEAR’S LEEDS CASTLE FIREWORKS SPECTACULAR! 25,000 STARBURSTS WILL FILL THE SKY OVER LEEDS CASTLE IN KENT THIS BONFIRE NIGHT FOR THE BIGGEST FIREWORK DISPLAY IN THE SOUTH EAST OF ENGLAND. ‘REMEMBER, REMEMBER’ THE 3RD AND 4TH NOVEMBER AS THE LEEDS CASTLE FIREWORK SPECTACULAR THIS YEAR CELEBRATES ‘DANCING’. “You can dance, you can jive...having the time of your life” at this year’s two-night fireworks display. Children will love watching the stunning fireworks over the castle while dancing to songs from their favourite films including ‘I like to Move It’ and ‘Just Dance’. This year’s funky ‘dancing’ theme will have everyone from children to grandparents dancing the night away during this incredible evening of party pyrotechnics. Plenty of entertainment will be on offer during the afternoon including live music from singer Adam Chandler and fairground rides for children. Win Heart FM will be doing a live ‘Club Classic’ DJ set to get the party started. Arrive from 2pm onwards (car park opens from 1pm) to enjoy live music, entertainment, 3pm falconry display, maze and play areas, and a variety of delicious food options all before the fireworks begin at 5.30pm. Tickets are priced at £23 for adults, £15 for children (aged 4-15) and under 4s go free if reserved at the time of booking. Group rates available. Book on [H܈[H[ٙXHۈ M ͍ H [YZ^\X[H KJKSQHQSSSPU‘ԈTQPT&T“QQTHTUԒPPSTBYY\H[[YRS\H][[HH[H[YHY[[[X]™܈\YX\&\[[][YY\]ܚXX[\ۈZ]\H ܙ܈ ݙ[X\ N]YY\K[[[H]H\[YRS[YY\]Zۈ]\[Y][YRS]8&[X]YY\H\]ܚ&H[H[\\]Y\[ێN]][YHH\]ܚY[N KB BΈ ˌBXH[\[\و[[H[\[ۛ[H]˚[YZ[XY^[K˝Z[B\\[ۙ][ۜ΂[H\܈YHY[[[[]HY]H\ܙ][ۈوYY\K[]NY^H ؙ\ N N