insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 164

NEWS SPRING GROVE SCHOOL TEACHER NOMINATED FOR A NATIONAL EDUCATION AWARD Mr. Paul Curnow, head of Forest School and Year 3 form teacher at Spring Grove School, has been nominated for a prestigious national education award in recognition for his and Spring Grove School’s commitment and passion for learning outside the classroom. Paul now faces a public vote to find out if he will take home the title of Inspiring Educator. Kim Somerville, head of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, the charity behind the awards, explains: “The Outstanding Contribution to Learning Outside the Classroom Awards recognise and celebrate the people and teams who are transforming the lives of children and young people by providing, or championing exciting and inspiring learning outside of classroom experiences. We want as many people as possible to vote for their local hero so they can get the credit they deserve.” Mr. Curnow’s passion for outdoor learning was the inspiration behind the successful introduction of an over-arching Forest School programme at Spring Grove School – an innovation that saw Spring Grove School achieve a UK and Kent first at the start of November 2017 after being recognised as the first independent school in the UK to be approved by the Forest School Association (FSA) as a recognised Forest School Provider. TIME TO VOTE FOR KENT’S TASTIEST FAVOURITES! SHORTLIST UNVEILED FOR DEVELOPMENT AWARDS More than 30 projects have been shortlisted for this year’s Kent Design and Development Awards. The judges will visit 34 projects from across the county, which have been selected from the 80 who entered. Celebrating its 15th year, the Taste of Kent Awards 2019 have now officially opened for voting with some new categories and new sponsors. The prestigious awards, organised by Produced in Kent, showcase the very best products and food and drink businesses in Kent. The public can now go online at to nominate and vote for the local food and drink heroes they would like to see recognised and have until 2nd January 2019 to vote – in doing so you will be helping local businesses to receive the support and recognition they deserve. New for 2019 is a category for Kent Coffee Shop or Tearoom, sponsored by new sponsor Barrett’s of Canterbury. The winning coffee shop or tea room will actively use locally sourced produce and demonstrate this commitment in its menus and marketing. The win W'2v&RV6VBBFRF7FRbVBv&G2vFW"v6FW26R&6#BFRVBWfVB6VG&Rc@FRv&G2&RFǒ&v6VBB76&VB'VB6VG6V6r67VFBDB"B&WFrvV7FR66FVv&W2&S6W&6GW7G&B&WFð66W'fFVf&VFW&f&6Sg&7G'V7GW&R@&VWv&W3V&Ɩ2'VFw2( 2VGV6FB6VG@&W6FVF( 2֖"B"FRfW&FFRb&V7BbFRV 2FV6VV7FVBg&rFR6FVv'vW'2( FRFfW'6GBVƗGbFRVG&W26RvFV7G&FW0FW&R2&V6֗FVBF7&VFrvVFW6vVB'VFw2F@v&vVf"FRVRvW6RFVf"FRVf&VBB6@vVFRVBG66R( 6BV6'FW"VFW"bVB6VG6V6( FRVbFWVFVBVFvW2267'WF6VBV6`FRVG&W2Bv6'Fǒ6WBWBF&VRF֗76Ff6@FVvRf'v&BFV6rFRvW'2fV&W BFRv&G26W&V( Хf6BwwrVFFW6vFWfVVFv&G26VFF66fW"v6&V7G2fR&VV6'FƗ7FVB