insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 158

EDUCATION KENT COLLEGE TO OPEN A SCHOOL IN HONG KONG Professor Stephen Ho of MacGregor Education Consulting Limited, recently joined Dr David Lamper, executive headmaster of Kent College in Canterbury for a signing ceremony to celebrate the establishment of Kent College Hong Kong, which is planned to be opened in September 2020. The signing of this agreement will mean further considerable international investment in the Kent College brand, which is now recognised internationally as well as locally as Kent’s leading non-selective independent school for academic achievement, as well as national honours in sport and music, and other fields varying from equestrian to engineering. Dr David Lamper, executive headmaster of the Kent College family of schools said: “We are delighted to be working with such a well established partner as MacGregor Education Consulting Limited and Professor Stephen Ho, who has great integrity and an international academic reputation. This agreement will form a strong basis for Kent College in Hong Kong, which will reflect the values and ethos of the home school in Canterbury and will add to the international reputation of the school.” have the chance to receive a world class education.” Professor Stephen Ho, chairman of MacGregor Education, added: “We are very much honoured to become the partner of Kent College – a highly regarded UK independent school with a global perspective. By bringing the education standards and traditions of Kent College to Hong Kong, more students will Kent College Dubai opened in 2016 and has quickly been recognised as one of the leading schools in the region. Further international projects are being explored in the Middle East and central, southern and eastern Asia. ASHFORD SCHOOL CELEBRATES OUTSTANDING A LEVEL RESULTS THERE’S MORE TO ‘LEARNING OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM DAY’ THAN A BIT OF FUN There were some unusual activities afoot during September’s Learning Outside The Classroom Day (LOC) at Ashford School. A far cry from the more conventional lessons you might expect at the prestigious school, instead of maths, languages or science, students and teachers were invited to take part in things such as human knot, cross the river, den building and tin can man. LOC Day is designed to promote vital life skills such as teamwork, diversity and leadership, all within a fun, safe and energised environment that allows participants to express themselves. Den building is a particular favourite; bringing the indoors outside, it’s a practical session of how to create a den with limited resources where children can claim their own creative territory. The human knot demands a high level of teamwork to unravel a tangle 158 of limbs without letting go of your neighbour’s wrist, and crossing the river requires similar teamwork, as well as offering individuals the chance to express budding leadership skills. Also included were less strenuous activities such as willow making, storytelling, bread making and land art. Everyone involved had a lot of fun and gained enormously from the experience, which is surely the best of all learning environments. “Today was a fantastic day for our pupils to take part in very practical or hands-on activities to develop their problem solving, team work and social skills,” said Mrs Furnival Brown, head of LOC for Ashford Prep School. “We have seen lots of great team bonding and leadership across all years with pupils having a positive and highly engaging day while learning new skills.” Ashford School are celebrating after more than half of all students achieved the grades needed for entry into the elite universities (A,B,B). 89 per cent of students achieved the grades needed for their first or second choice university. Among the highest achievements, two students achieved 4 A* grades and have places at Oxbridge, one student achieved 4 As and 1 A* and will be reading Economics and Statistics at UCL, and a further two students received 2 A*s and 2 As and will be attending the University of Bath and UCL. Over a third of students achieved at least three or more A*/A grades with over two thirds achieving at least one A*/A. Those students in the top 25 per cent of the national cohort (equivalent to the grammar schools) achieved 72 per cent A*/A and 87 per cent A*/B grades placing them among the highest achieving pupils in the country. Head of Ashford School, Mike Buchanan said: “These are excellent results and we are extremely proud. The results reflect hard work and commitment from both the students and our dedicated teachers who provide close individual care to all students.”