insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 151

Percy Chair in Navy Ribbed Velvet, £895, Pindorama Navy Wallpaper, £15, Sara Miller Navy Hummingbird Mug, £15, NAVY A calming but strong colour that conveys depth, stability and wisdom, navy is currently having a massive interiors moment and can be seen everywhere from wallpaper (often embossed with another key trend: gold!) to cushions, throws and functional kitchenware. Best used boldly with one key piece, try teaming a sofa or statement chair with other, less obvious accessories. Japanese Blossom Bowl Navy Waves, £4.95, Kinship Marble Serving Board, £49.50, TACTILE KITCHENS Fritz Hansen Grand Prix Chair, £518, Rose Quartz ѕȰ+ Ȱ輽լͽլ)-э́ɔչɝ屔)ٕȁѡ́啅ȃĹ)݅٥唁ѼͱѕɅ)͕Ёэչ̰ݽɭѽ́)ͽɥ́Ʌ)ѡѥѡЁ́Ʌ)ɕЁѕɕ́ѡЁɅЁ)ѽՍѽ]ѡȁԁѡݡ)ɥ͡ɕєɥ)ݥѠɬݽ́)Ʌ܁͕Ёٕɼѥ̰)ͥݽɬݥѠݡЁ׊eٔЁ)́Յ谁ݽɉѼ)ȁѥэ͕Ёѡ́ɕ)ɕѕ́ɔ唵эݥѠ)́Ʌѕȸ(