insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 149

INTERIORS THE HOTTEST HOME AND INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS FOR AUTUMN/WINTER 2018 EVERY YEAR SEES NEW TRENDS AND MUST-HAVE PIECES THAT WE CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUR HANDS ON TO UPDATE OUR HOMES WITH AND IT SEEMS WE’RE A FLIGHTY BUNCH – IN JUST A YEAR, OUR INTERIORS ATTENTION HAS SHIFTED FROM 2017’S COMBINATION OF TROPICAL PRINT, VINTAGE, HEXAGONS AND HOUSE PLANTS TO A NEW VISION FOR AUTUMN/WINTER 2018 THAT BLENDS OVERSIZED FLORALS, TACTILE KITCHENS AND LOTS OF GLAMOROUS GOLD. WE’VE NARROWED DOWN SOME OF THE HOTTEST HOME AND INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS TO TAKE YOU TO THE END OF THIS YEAR AND BEYOND. BRIGHT SHAPES A wonderfully playful trend, this is all about pops of bold colour combined with different shapes from spots to chevrons and stripes, all thrown together, but in a way that represents you and in a style that you must love. Try too hard and the graphic mix-and-match nature of the look will overwhelm, but follow your personal preferences and you’ll nail the anti-matching, confidently clashing design with modern flair. That’s the only guideline – keep it modern with clean lines and a range of interesting colours. Bloomingville Spotty Cushion, £41, Mind the Gap Eyes and Circles Wallpaper, £150, Laguna 1.2M X 1.8M Rug, £49.95, Hay Colour Carpet 05, £699, 149