insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 147

INTERIORS SALACIA’S NICOLE BREMER talks about this years must-have bathroom colour I HAVE A PREDICTION...THE AVOCADO BATHROOM SUITE IS GOING TO MAKE A RETURN. RECOIL IN HORROR ALL YOU LIKE, BUT IT WILL. AND, LIKE BEARDS AND BOOTCUT JEANS, YOU’LL EMBRACE THEM ONCE AGAIN. WHAT’S THE BASIS FOR THIS FRIGHTENING PREDICTION? THERE ARE A NUMBER OF REASONS. First, colour in bathrooms is making a return. After years of clinical white with stainless or brushed brassware and perhaps a soft greige or blue on the cabinetry, we’ve now embraced black. Other colours are also becoming available. In a recent development, we looked at soft blue powder-coated brassware. The second reason is that olive green is making a comeback. Dark blue hues have had their moment following the shades of grey and greige trends of earlier this decade. Now it’s all about shades of green, specifically olive green which, let’s face it, isn’t far off avocado. Also making a resurgence in the world of interiors are all shades of pink. In fact salmon pink is the main colour in the interiors of our City Road project. With all this pink, it’s not hard to imagine a resurgence of the rose tinted bathroom suite either. I’m quite partial to a splash of pink in any room. Olive works beautifully with the black, gold and natural oak features Amrita at Droo has selected. Now, I’m not averse to an olive bathroom. Like all trends they’re never exactly like previous iterations. The colour will be less the green of yesteryear and more olive in hue. The shapes of the sanitary fittings will also be different; we’ll see egg baths, floating toilet pans and marble countertop basins all in olive What do you think? Could you be persuaded by a coloured bathroom suite? I’m really excited about this project and can’t wait to share it with you. Subscribe online to hear about our site tours where you can see this development in progress. For more info, please visit Droo Projects, our interior design team on our Amhurst Road project, have come up with a stunning olive green scheme for the four flats we’re carving out of a Victorian house. While we’ve stopped short of an avocado bathroom suite, olive tones are used through the living areas, bedrooms and, of course, bathrooms. 147