insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 127

FOOD+DRINK DINNER AND A SHOW AT THE Orchard Theatre GOING TO THE THEATRE IS ALWAYS A TREAT, AND YET THERE IS ALWAYS ONE PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE SOLVED WHEN IT COMES TO THE TIMING OF YOUR VISIT: FOOD. WITH EVENING SHOWS TENDING TO START AT ABOUT 7.30PM, EATING BEFOREHAND CAN BE A BIT OF A RUSH AND CERTAINLY ISN’T A RELAXING AFFAIR FOR FEAR OF NOT GETTING INTO YOUR SEATS ON TIME. EATING AFTERWARDS ISN’T MUCH BETTER. WHAT TO DO THEN? LISAMARIE LAMB HAS THE ANSWER. The answer is simple: book your theatre tickets for shows at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford and you can eat before the show in the theatre’s very own restaurant. The meal can even be included in your ticket price and the staff will make sure you’re in your seat ready for the show to start. Now doesn’t that sound like a good idea? Not only is it a good idea in respect that it won’t make you panic or rush your food, but since that food is terribly tasty too, you’ll actually enjoy your meal. My guest and I certainly did. The Orchard Theatre is a great space for being entertained – bright and airy, it’s comfortable even when full of excited people and the restaurant is no different. Large floor-to-ceiling windows make the room light, yet the dark wooden furniture gives it a cosy kind of feeling; the best of both worlds, you can read the menu and still have a meaningful conversation without feeling as though you are being listened to. For starters we opted for halloumi bites with tomato chutney and the salmon and prawn salad. Those halloumi bites were incredibly moreish, coated in a delicate breadcrumb that wasn’t greasy and added a nice crunch to the otherwise soft and salty cheese. The salad was a generous size and full of salmon and prawns, not just leaves. Crunchy and tangy, my guest ate every bite and enjoyed every mouthful. It took a while to pick the mains as choosing was tricky bec ͔ٕѡͽչ)ݽəհQɔ݅́Ёѽѕ)ͅչѕ́ɝȰ)ѕɕϊѡٕ䁱)́%ѡݔݕЁȁɤɤ)ɽЁ͕ٕݥѠɅ܁ͱܰ ո)ɥ́ͽȁɕѡ͔)ɝȃLȁЁ ɥѥ͠ѕ)ɝȰ͵ݽ͔ɥ)́ѽѼ Ѡݕɔ)̸Q݅́ݥѡЁ)չхѼаѡͽȁɕ)Qɝȁ݅)ᅍѱ䁅́ɝȁ͡ձ聩ե䰁)ձи)Qɔ́݅́ɽȁ͕а͔)Ёѡ=ɍɐԁɔձȁ)݅ЁѼѼȁ͕Ёȁѡܰ͡ԁ)ЁѼЁȁ͕ЁѡѕمLݔ)eи]݅ѕȁ݅ɴє)ɽݹȁɅ䁑ɥЁѡɔ)ѡѡձݕɔݽəհՑ̸)ձѕаݥѠѼ͠Ѽɥٔ)ݡɔȁ݅х䁝Օ)$ɽѼȁ͕́ɑȁѼ݅э)ѡ͡܃LѡݽəհɥєQ)eԁȁQ5ͥQ=ɍɐQɔ)ɕٕѕѡaȁ͡ߊd)Ёѡɥᅍѱɥи)=ɍɐQɔ)!ɑ)љɐ)Ā(Ȁ)ܹɍɑѡɔլ(