insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 114

FOOD+DRINK A COMPETITIVE, CULINARY DAY AT Kent Cookery School AS REGULAR READERS WILL KNOW, FOOD IS UNDOUBTEDLY OUR FAVOURITE THING HERE AT insideKENT HQ; THROW IN THE FACT THE WE ARE A COMPETITIVE BUNCH WHO ALSO RELISH A CHALLENGE AND IT BECAME A MATCH MADE IN KITCHEN HEAVEN AS WE EMBARKED ON OUR LATEST TEAM DAY AT THE KENT COOKERY SCHOOL. BY SAMANTHA READY Despite the somewhat miserable Kentish drizzle that seems to have taken hold of late, the team were in rousing spirits as we arrived bright and early to the pretty Mersham-le-Hatch location of The Kent Cookery School. Buzzing with nervous excitement and the allure of lunch to follow, we were soon put at ease by the playful easygoing nature of head chef turned teacher, James, and partner- in-cooking, Autumn. Coats were taken, coffees enjoyed and suddenly it was aprons at the ready as, split into teams of two, we were tasked with making a two- course Italian feast of spinach and ricotta ravioli and tiramisu...on our own, all from scratch…eek! Now to sum up our team culinary skills: we range from a home- grown veg producer who loves to cook, to a baker who never experiments with savoury dishes, a photographer who can master the best food picture but claims to have never lifted a whisk to our very own lovely west Kent account manager Greg, who asked just how long it would take to cook the pasta... in the oven…I kid you not! 114 This is of course a cookery school and not The Great British Bake Off, however and we (thank goodness) were not totally alone in our kitchen endeavours. The design of the school means that in small teams you can work with uninterrupted views of James, at your own workstations equipped with hobs, sinks and worktops. James demonstrates every element of making a dish with confidence and enabled us to feel competent enough to make pasta without following set measurements, shared hints and tips, and generally maintained order [Z]]HX]H[ق[\Y[Y[ [\]HXYKܚ][ۜ\Y [ܙYY[›YX\\Y Y[H\^Hق\H[Hو\Y]\[\Z[H]YY BX\Y HYYXYH\ZY\[X[[X]\BX\\Y[\KHXYB[X]H [YH \B[X]JH][KHYYH\Y\[ܙH[Y\[H\H[Y[X\[ Y\]Y[YYZHH]ZX\YH\[\ܞK][X[[\H]ۈœ]\HZ]و\X\\\[][\[\HYX[YYXH^X][œ]\و[X[\Y[ Z[]KB[]\H\YHH]YY\ ܙX[ZY\\[Z\H8$[H[X\Y]H[][\HX\\˜YZ[[ۙHX[HRB]Hو][[\\YY[]HY[Z[H][˜[\HX[H[\B\H^\ۈٙ\[\H [\H^\Z][ۈو[Y\[[]\[œ\ܝو]][[]HBX\H܈X\8$X\˜[X]8$[H۸&]B\\[YB[\HH\X\ Y\[HH] ]H \ܙH [[\\ ˝ZŒ L L MB˚[\\ ˝Zš[\B[\\[\\