insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 107

DAYSOUT KENT’S WONDERFUL Wildlife Walks cont. Toys Hill // nr Sevenoaks Founded by Octavia Hill in 1895, the National Trust now owns and maintains many different buildings around the country, preserving our heritage for many generations to come. However, it’s not just buildings that the National Trust looks after, and when Octavia Hill first came up with the idea, it was a beautiful area of woodland that she was most concerned about. That area of woodland was Toys Hill near Sevenoaks, and it became the very first National Trust area to be conserved. Today, you can stroll through the woodland and find all kinds of wonderful discoveries including the remains of a grand country house. As for wildlife, Toys Hill has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to the abundance of wildlife that can be found there. Elmley National Nature Reserve // Isle of Sheppey The Isle of Sheppey has a lot more to it than a massive bridge and is a great place to take a staycation in Leysdown. There is a huge amount of history on Sheppey and plenty to do. And then there’s the wildlife, and lots of it. Waterbirds are the first thing to notice, and they will be easily spotted wading in the many ponds on the site. But don’t forget to check out the birds flying above your head too – you may see some magnificent birds of prey. As well as this there are hares and rabbits, water voles, grass snakes and a wide variety of insects. Clowes Wood // nr Whitstable Clowes Wood is managed by the Forestry Commission, and, as might be expected, has a lot of information within it for those who choose to explore. There are many little footpaths that crisscross through the wood, but there are also waymarked trails to follow that can be accessed by wheelchairs and pushchairs too meaning that the entire family can enjoy what Clowes Wood has to offer. The Big Blean Walk (mentioned on p104) passes through Clowes Wood, so you can easily combine the two and enjoy more. Not only th B'WBFR7&"BvRv( 2FPvƶrB76R&WFRFB'V2&WGvVVvG7F&RB6FW&'W'( 276W2F&VvW&RF6vW2vB26VBgVbvFƖfR6VFr7V'&V2&&&G2fW2&FvW'2B&VBfgGFffW&VB7V6W2b&&G2Fwwrf&W7G'vbVf&W7G'VvFVFf&W7F6vW7v@7G&VWBvG2"6f&@6RWFRFRvVBv26fW&VBFV6RvFB7V6f6ǒG&VW2rFw2&RFffW&VB'WBFW&R&RF6W0bvFBBf&W7BvW&RR67F6VRvBB֖vBfR&VVƖRB7G&VWBvG22W7FǒFBBb66RF7FW&6FRF26VBvFB2vW&RR6fB&FV7FVB7V6W06VFrF&֖6RBw&VB7&W7FVBWwG26B2WG&VVǒ7V6BvVv'Ff6B&VrW7B֖WFRvƲg&7G&VW@7FFW2BWfV&R66W76&RBFRF&VR6W&FRGW&PG&2vFFRvG26VFrV766W72G&62vV2&Vp&RFFvBB&BWBVGV6F6B7GFW"wVFPf"g&VRW2F2vFW&gVFWBGW&RGB&&G7FPGB&&27GVǒFRVGV'FW'2bFRVBvFƖfRG'W7B62R֖vBvRB2G2bvFƖfRFV2vV2w&V@vƲGB&&G6Vb2&W7F&VBwF6VGW''VFrvW&RP6VW&F&WB66W'fFBFR6vFƖfRFWVFrvBFRbV"Rf6BR66fB&VW2W7Fr&&G2BWfVFGW2FR&&FFRvƲ266W76&RBV&RBFRGW&R&G6Vb0vV&VBFv&G2V7W&rFBRVFW'7FBW7FǒvBG2`vFƖfR6&RfVBVBFW&R&RvFG2vFfvW"VFw0B&vRG2vW&RBFr2V6W&vVBwwrVGvFƖfWG'W7B&rVGW&R&W6W'fW2GB&&VWFGW&R&W6W'fR *7FWV&6FPGB&&*VBvFƖfRG'W7@p