insideKENT Magazine insideKENT October 2018 Issue 79 - Page 100

HALLOWEEN ARE YOU READY FOR Broadwitch Hauntfest AT BROADDITCH FARM? THE BROADWITCH HAUNTFEST AT BROADDITCH FARM IN SOUTHFLEET HAS BEEN A STAPLE OF THE HALLOWEEN SCENE IN RECENT YEARS, AND IT’S LITTLE WONDER WHEN YOU DELVE DEEPER INTO THE DARKNESS AND REVEAL THE FUN, SPOOKY SCARES AND MEMORIES THAT ARE MADE HERE EACH YEAR. insideKENT SPOKE TO THE ORGANISERS OF THE BROADWITCH HAUNTFEST TO FIND OUT WHAT THOSE WHO WANT TO FEEL THE FEAR CAN EXPECT THIS YEAR. What can we expect from Broadwitch this year? It’s bigger and better! We always improve things every year and we never stand still when it comes to Halloween. Of the five nighttime haunts that we do, one has been totally revamped this year and all the others have been changed – and improved – in some way. It has to be fresh every year! So even if people have been before they can come along and still get a good scare? Everyone gets a good scare! We want to keep things interesting for those who have been before and to be on the radar for those who’ve never visited us. All the haunts have changed and people notice different things every year anyway. When you’re going through one of the scare mazes for example, and you’re jumping at all the sounds and movements you might miss something. Come again the next year and you’ll spot something different. It’s never the same and it’s always terrifying! Have any of the haunts been changed completely? The Spooky Castle has been totally changed this year… In the 1920s, Rose Masters hanged 100 herself within the castle. It’s now wartime in the early 1940s and two teenagers enter the castle, they find and play a Ouija board, and things that had supposedly been laid to rest years before now start to unravel! Biometrix Sub Zero is another that has changed – the roof has been raised and it is the first ever two- storey haunt at Broadwitch. What have people’s reactions been like in past years? People love being scared; really love it, so we aim to please! It’s always fun to watch them when they emerge from one of the scares at the hauntfest – you can gauge how they’ve taken it and how scary it was from their faces! One of the best bits for some people is as they queue up to enter the haunts they can see the exits and enjoy the looks of terror on peoples’ faces, as well as how fast people are running to get away from the frightening things inside. The Boo Bungalow is now all completely UV, so it will have you glowing from start to finish, and the trailer ride now has actors in the woods giving a more fun almost panto style of entertainment rather than being too scary. We’re sold! How can people book? You can book online at, or you can come into the farm shop to buy tickets. Broadditch Farm Manor Farm New Barn Rd Southfleet Gravesend DA13 9PU 01474 834161 broadwitch Are there going to be any children’s events this year? Yes, of course! The daytime is always very popular with our younger guests. We’ve got Monster Madness again, which has almost doubled in size with an underwater theme – watch out for the shark it’s got a bit of a bite!