insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 81

TOWNSPOTLIGHT Spotlight on MARGATE Margate – Kentish to the core – is part of the Isle of Thanet in East Kent. PRETTY, RAMBLING STREETS, QUIRKY BOUTIQUES, AN ENVIABLE BEACH, GREAT FOOD, QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT AND QUICK LINKS NOT ONLY TO THE REST OF THE COUNTY, BUT TO THE REST OF THE COUNTRY TOO, MEANS THAT MARGATE IS RE-ESTABLISHING ITSELF AS THE PLACE TO BE, NOT JUST FOR DAYTRIPPERS, BUT FOR THOSE WANTING TO MAKE THEIR STAY A MORE PERMANENT ONE TOO. Shell Grotto HISTORY IN BRIEF THINGS TO DO Margate is a name that conjures up a variety of images, but is a gap in a cliff where water pools one of those images? It should be, because that’s exactly what a ‘mar gate’ is. Before the 1750s, Margate was a sleepy fishing village with not much to say for itself. But in the 18th century everything changed. A doctor by the name of Richard Russell published a book about how seawater was the ultimate cure all and he advocated that anyone who was under the weather (with any kind of illness – chronic, acute or terminal) should travel immediately to the coast to bathe. The book was a huge hit, Margate became a hot spot for convalescing, and the booming tourist industry there was born. Today, it’s still a favourite destination for many families who prefer to stay in the UK rather than venture abroad for their summer holidays. Turner Contemporary A striking building in its own right, the Turner Contemporary art gallery houses some of the most incredible works of art around. Millions of pounds have been invested into this project and it’s easy to see that this is money well spent as the gallery has become a beacon for the rest of the town to follow, both in terms of modernisation and in bringing in the visitors. With a great café and plenty to see once you have arrived, Turner Contemporary is an excellent day out. Shell Grotto The shell grotto is a weird and wonderful place. It’s entirely unique and utterly compelling. Essentially a cave, the walls of which are covered in shells that make gorgeous and intricate patterns, it has a gift shop and a café. The Hornby Visitor Centre Who doesn’t love a train set? Who doesn’t have fond memories of Scalextric? At the Hornby Visitor Centre you can enjoy both. It’s a feast of fun for young and old. Margate Main Sands Margate Main Sands is the kind of beach that everyone thinks of when they imagine a British seaside holiday, so it’ ́ɥ͔)ѡЁЁ́ѡ)յȁݡѡݕѡȁ)݅ɴչ丁%ѡݥѕ)ѡ՝ӊéЁ́ո쁝Ʌ)ՍЁ)Ʌѥ́͠ѡ)-éMѕ̀ȁѕɹѥٕ٥)ѡɽѡ݅ɵѠ)䁍eЁɝЁѼѥ)ɽչȁչ͕쁥ӊéхձȸ(