insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 74

CHRISTMASGIFTGUIDE gifts for pets Personalised Embroidered Pet Blanket A quality pet blanket hand bound and embroidered with a name of your choice. The perfect gift for the perfect pet! The blankets are perfect for lining the pet bed or over a chair or sofa, and even ideal in the back of the car. The blankets are all machine washable and they dry in minutes. £19.50, Chuckit! Mountain Rope Tug Responding to growing consumer demand for pet products that promote bonding and well-being, Chuckit! is reinforcing its commitment to happy and healthy pets with the launch of a new stimulating and durable collection of Rope Tug toys – the Mountain Rope Tug – pawfect for outdoor adventures any time of year. £7.99 (small) £10.99 (large), Chuckit! Breathe Right Ball FroliCat DART DUO Automatic Rotating Laser Light A breath of fresh air for dog owners, Chuckit! launches the innovative Breathe Right Fetch Ball. Uniquely designed to facilitate breathing for dogs carrying toys whilst running and fetching, the Breathe Right provides greater airflow than more solid toy designs – brilliant for all dogs, but particularly breeds with shorter snouts. £8.99, DART DUO is an automatic rotating light with two lasers for shared played with multiple cats. Two lasers move in a circle, darting and switching directions in random patterns. The unpredictable movement entices your pets to dart, pounce and chase the red dots. Furbo Treat Tossing Dog Camera £24.99, One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel Without the need to hunt prey, cats need other outlets for that pent up energy. It is good for your cat to get some sort of workout; and changing it up to keep your pet interested is important. Now you can offer your feline friend this tempting exercise wheel for use when you are not at home. £199.99, Lion Pet Costume Designed to make sure your dog always feels loved, the Furbo dog camera lets you see and interact with your dog even when you’re not at home. The Furbo dog camera can be set up on your phone through their free Furbo app. Here, you can watch HD video, toss a treat to your dog, interact through Furbo's built-in microphone and speakers, snap a photo or record video and share on social media. £239, 74 Make your dog's dream come true by purchasing this Lion Pet Costume. He'll instantly feel ferocious! This costume is licensed by Animal Planet, and a portion of your purchase price goes to support their worldwide conservation efforts. £11.99,