insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 71

CHRISTMASGIFTGUIDE stocking fillers Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition Earbuds Tile Style Perfect for the style- savvy, this little bluetooth tracker helps you keep track of what matters most, including your handbag, wallet or keys. You can locate your item with the Tile app, ring your tile to find your item nearby, or you can see the last time and place the app saw your Tile. £29.95, Not only do these earbuds deliver superior sound and passive noise cancellation with enhanced bass, they also have an in-ear heart rate monitor and analyses your VO2 Max levels to help you improve your performance. £134.99, Pocket Microscope There are worlds waiting to be discovered with the aid of a powerful lens. An in-built light reveals the tiniest details. An ongoing favourite with bright-eyed young scientists and adults alike. Zippo 12-hour Hand Warmer When you're outdoors, you're focused. Whether hunting, fishing, camping or simply enjoying some fresh air, you don't want distractions like cold hands. With the Zippo hand warmer, just fill the cup, light the burner, and you'll have warm hands for up to 12 hours. £10, £23.95, Seedball Bee Mix Tin A mix of five native wildflowers recommended by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust that bees will just love, including Foxglove, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Wild Marjoram, Red Clover and Viper's Bugloss. 20 balls per tin, 30 seeds per ball. £5.99, Jos Von Arx Gift Pen Set This striking pen set comes with one refillable rollerball and one refillable ballpoint. The modern, chunky pens with ribbed, silver-tone chrome barrels are presented in a ЁݼѽɽݸЁ+ ȸمЁ!́)ݕ́Ё]́M ɔ)=ѽ(