insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 22

EVENTS ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• SNOW WHITE // 1 DEC-7 JAN CHRISTMAS AT HERNE BAY PIER // 2-23 DEC Producers will return to Sevenoaks for a ninth record breaking panto season with the spectacular family pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! Starring Ed Petrie (CBBC), Bob Carolgees (and Spit the Dog) and Danny Beard. Various times. Price: from £14 Stag Theatre, London Road, Sevenoaks TN13 1ZZ / 01732 450175 SANTA AT ROYAL VICTORIA PLACE // 1-24 DEC See Santa at Royal Victoria Place in Tunbridge Wells! Santa will be taking up residence at his brand new ‘fireside themed’ grotto from 20th November and will be making wishes come true every day right up until 4pm on Christmas Eve. You’ll find Santa’s grotto located on level 1 opposite M&S. From 9am. Price: £5.50 per child to include a luxury wrapped gift. Royal Victoria Place Shopping Centre, Tunbridge Wells TN1 2SS / 01892 514141 The beloved Herne Bay Pier will get a merry makeover ready to welcome families for festive fun this December. Every weekend, a traditional Christmas Market of stalls offering gifts, crafts, produce and more will line the pier. The pier’s 30 permanent huts will be open too, offering everything from fashion to champagne and oysters – making this a memorable Christmas shopping experience. As added ‘wow factor’ attractions for the children, there will be a giant 12-foot snow globe, Santa's grotto, a magnificent supersize Christmas tree and a visit by the adorable reindeer. Entertainment will include carols, music and magic. For those wanting to experience Christmas by the sea, a visit to this spectacularly sparkly pier is just the ticket. From 9am. Price: Free Herne Bay Pier, Central Parade, Herne Bay CT6 5JN SAIL WITH SANTA // 2-23 DEC CHRISTMAS AT RIVERHILL // 1-31 DEC Join the magic of Riverhill at Christmas. Skating under the stars, family fun for all ages, Father Christmas and more await you this December. Skating from 10am to 6pm daily (closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day). Adults £15, children £10 (up to 16 years), family tickets £45 (2 adults and 2 children); 45- minute skating sessions. Weekday parent and toddler skating £10 (1 adult g ́ɕ)ݥѠѽȤ Ѽ䁙ɕ͡䁝ɽչ٥)ЁєձݥȰ̰Ёչ́)ѡȁѥٔɕ́ȁ̸) ɕЁѕɹѕ́ݥѠѡȁ ɥѵ̸)Iٕɡ)ѡ́ ɥѵ́ȁձ䁵ɥLѡȁ ɥѵ́ݥ)٥ͥѥѡȁɕЁѕɹѕ́ѡɽ՝Ёȸ)eԝɕѕѼ́ɕЁȁѕɹѕѡԝ)ٔѡѼЁѡȁ ɥѵ̰ݡݥ٥)́Ѽɕ ɕЃ ȁȁͽ쁅ѕɹѕ )ȁͽ)Yɥ́ѥ́ɥ̸)Iٕɡ!典ɑ̰Iٕɡ!͔ḾٕQ8ԀIH)ܹɥٕɡэɥѵ̹լȀ))յɐѡ)5ɱ䁙ȁѥٽ兝Ѽѡ9ѠA)Q́䵙ɥ䰁ոɥѼ٥ͥЁMфݥٔ)ѱ́ɕ䁱݅ɐѼ ɥѵ̸Qɥх́)ԁɐЁIѕȁAȁѼͅݸɥٕȁѽ݅ɑ́ѡa9ѠAd)ѥٔͥɥݥѡ́ѕхݡ)ե͔Ёѡͥ́Iѕȁ ѡ!ѽɥɐ)ձ́ͥЁɕ䁄ձݥ)ݡɕɕٔեกUɥمЁѡ)9ѠA ѡ5ɥѡ͕ݥɐѡЁ)ͅݥѠѡٕ͕ȁЀѕ̸ݥͽ)ɕٔЁɽMфɔЁٔѼ䁽ݥѠ) ɥѵ́ɕɅѥ̸=Mф͕́ѡɕݥ)ɕɸѼѡ9ѠA܁ѡЁѼ́ɹ䁉Ѽ)Iѕȸ(ȸAɥ )IѕȁAȰQIѕȁ5ĀE8)ܹɕѽ̹Ѐ+(