insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 192

sJD – Developing potential If you think your land or property has development potential, why not give us a call without obligation and in confidence. Many of our clients retain our services and, in the majority of cases, pay our fees saving property owners significant costs. Call us now For regular updates, visit W2BGvGFW"6&V7G06F7B7FWVFVǒss3SC3S"CRCSbcvV#6B&V7G26( "Vâ7FWfT6B&V7G26Ф6W&6'VFw2f"&W6FVF6fW'6( "f&W"V&Ɩ2W6W2( "&VGVFB'VFw2f"&VFWfVV@'VFw2f"6fW'6"&W6VVB( "W6W2f"&fVVB( "&vR6FW2FRVFvRbFv( "&&6fW'60&vRv&FV2&W6FVF&V2( ""&VvVW&F&V7G0vR&Rv2FRWBf BB&W'GvFFWfVVBFVF