insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 185

BUSINESS H&K SAFETY SERVICES LIMITED ANNUAL AWARDS IN THESE DAYS WHERE RESPONSIBILITY IS SO READILY USED AS ANOTHER WORD FOR BLAME AND IS INEXTRICABLY LINKED TO ACCOUNTABILITY IN AN INCESTUOUS TRIANGLE, THE CONSTRUCTION ‘GAME’ OFFERS MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR SOME TO SEEK THEIR GRATIFICATION OR GAIN AT THE EXPOSURE OF SOMEONE’S ACHILLES HEEL WHEN THINGS GO WRONG. Not so quick are people then to praise good performance as it becomes expected, demanded even, by accountability to be the norm in the name of continual improvement – which there is nothing wrong in striving for, but should not be prioritised above the human element that forms all of the organisations. So, when the opportunity arises for companies such as H&K Safety Services Limited to reward those that endeavour to care for others in their charge and go beyond the perceived ordinary, they do not hesitate. Their annual award presentation supports all that is good in health and safety, rewarding those that help to send fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters back home to their families unharmed after a day’s work. Through H&K Safety Services Limited’s sensible and practical approach to health and safety consultancy and training, they support many businesses in the South East catchment area and celebrate their successful performance each year through a sparkling awards seminar. This year’s event was held at the Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel and was attended by one hundred people across micro organisations through to large companies and everything in between. As usual, they had the benefit of Melvyn Stancliffe from the Health and Safety Executive as a guest speaker informing all present of the ‘Enforcement Management Model’ and how it is applied in practice. Following another talk relating the Offence Guidelines by H&K Safety Services team, Melvyn returned to the stage to present the awards. The award winners are determined from evaluation of performance through the life cycle of a project, and, for the main award, the life cycle across many projects throughout the year following hundreds of site inspections. In this way, they’re assessed for consistency of performance and, with the amount of competition involved, these awards are hard earned and well worth receiving. Awards are given to both site managers and the company. Overall Principal Contractor of the Year was awarded to W W Martin Limited with Coleman & James receiving the Excellence Award. W W Martin Civils Limited also won the Contractor of the Year Award with Drivepoint Contractors taking the Excellence Award. Graham Gilbert of W W Martin Civils Limited a ۈH][[XY][Y[]\ ][و[X[[X]YY[ۙ\Y[[Z]YܜZ[H[]YۙJHXZ][‘^[[H]\˂\\[H]\[\\HXۜX[ۈ \۝X[ ][۝X[ Ј [ H X[[Y\ [X\[HX]HX[Y\\[[ ۞HۚY ZYYXZ\Y[Kؙ\\[K\YB]Y\[ [[ۈ]YK\Z[X\]\[H\^K۞HYH[]܈ۙ\XXۈ]\˂ Y]H\X\[Z]Y8&\ܘ]]YH\HY\\H[ [][Y\Y[[[YKZ\X[H[Hܘ\\X\ܙXHHY[[\ܙ ܚY\[\K[[H]۝X]YHYH[ZYوZ\[\]KH][[H[[&\X\ܙ[\][ۈ܈H0̎ \Z\Y XH\[H[XH[ۘ]Bۈ]\[ۙx&\Z[ Y]H\X\[Z]Y[ZH™^[HY[ۙH[[[H™]\[ۙH[Y N