insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 178

CHARITY Kent Charity Profile: YouCan YOUTH CANCER SUPPORT EVERY YEAR, AROUND 1,500 CHILDREN ARE DIAGNOSED WITH SOME FORM OF CANCER IN THE UK; THAT’S ONE IN ROUGHLY 500. FOR THE CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES, BEING TOLD THEY HAVE THIS FRIGHTENING DISEASE IS A LIFE-CHANGING PIECE OF NEWS AND IT CAN BE HARD FOR THEM TO KNOW WHERE THEY CAN TURN FOR SUPPORT IN THEIR HOUR OF NEED. YOUCAN, A KENT BASED CHARITY THAT SUPPORTS YOUNG CANCER SUFFERERS, IS AIMING TO CHANGE ALL OF THAT AND TO BE A POSITIVE SUPPORT THROUGHOUT DARK TIMES, KEEPING YOUNG PEOPLE WITH CANCER AND THEIR LOVED ONES AS UPBEAT AND DETERMINED AS POSSIBLE. WE HAD A CHAT WITH YOUCAN TO FIND OUT MORE. What is it that YouCan does? YouCan supports young people throughout the South East and London whose lives have been impacted by cancer. Having cancer at a young age can be a lonely and isolating experience and the most important part of YouCan’s initiative is to bring young people together through positive interaction, such as wellbeing weekends with the opportunity to meet other people who really understand. 178 focuses on increasing confidence and wellbeing through exercise and nutrition workshops, counselling, complementary therapies, and encouraging peer interaction and friendship. Why is the work that YouCan does so important? YouCan offer a 12-week programme including exercise and emotional support to help regain confidence after cancer treatment that is individually tailored and devised by specialist professionals. Exercise has been shown to help recovery and also reduce the chance of a recurrence for some types of cancer. YouCan offer individual and group support services to any young person who has been affected by cancer. Our support The charity also have Hinton House by the seaside in Westgate, where families can take a respite break with friends and family to enjoy some time away from the day-to-day stresses of living with cancer. “YouCan have provided me with great support in my post- treatment recovery, providing complementary therapies and other activities to help me come to terms with my new life. This kind of support may seem so simple, but to me it was absolutely invaluable.” - Tom What is the charity’s history? We are a relatively new charity. We celebrated our official launch on 21st April 2016 at Turner Contemporary in Margate. Although we are still fledgling, we have achieved a lot in 18 months and hope to continue our good work well into the future.