insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 17

THISMONTH THISMONTH… We’re eating… MIIRO VEGAN LOLLIES Made with frozen coconut milk, these delicious vegan ice creams are nutritionally bolstered by tasty nuts, sweetened with coconut sugar and Italian grapes, balanced by Himalayan pink salt and fortified with pea protein. Each luxurious gluten-free treat is coated in a thick layer of nutrient-dense raw cacao and contains no refined sugar, no preservatives, and no artificial flavourings. Available in three innovative flavour combinations: salted caramel, peanut butter, and chocolate hazelnut, each variety has been thoughtfully designed for the ultimate rich taste and creamy texture, but with nutrition firmly in mind. The handy on- the-go bars contain a careful balance of protein, carbohydrates and good fats, and they’re also rich in fibre. From £6.49 (pack of 3), We’re sipping… THE TEA LEAF CO. SIMPLY GREEN SRI LANKA GREEN TEA We’re creating cocktails with… UNCLE VAL’S BOTANICAL GIN Uncle Val’s is a complex and very pleasing American gin that some are calling ‘posh Hendricks’, as its cucumber hint offers a familiar aroma while leaving you with a floral finish. Inspired by the distiller’s uncle, Zio Valerio, an Italian physician who was a keen chef with a love of gardening, this botanical gin combines cucumber, sage, lemon and lavender – not only Uncle Val’s favourite cooking ingredients, but a blend that happens to make an exceptionally unique, smooth and very tasty gin. The elegant green glass bottle is modelled on traditional gin bottles from the 18th century with sides that slowly taper inward towards the bottom of the bottle. £39.95, uncle-vals/uncle-vals-gin We’re bursting with excitement about… CHRISTMAS! The Tea Leaf Co. insist on loose leaf tea and demand that it’s cultivated with a respect for tradition and people – something they’ve partnered with a traditional family tea garden in Nagaland, North East India, to ensure happens. This Sri Lanka Green Tea is the Rolls Royce of teas. It contains only one ingredient – Ceylon green tea – all of which comes from a single estate to allow for the subtleties of varietal, seasonal and regional flavour. Grown at high altitude, the tea bushes benefit from heavy mists, cloud and small bursts of sunlight, which only serve to enrich the flavour. A timeless, classic brew that’s incredibly intense, rich in flavour and yet very soft on the palate. The gaudy decorations, the incessant playing of Slade’s ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ in every single shop, Home Alone (1, 2, 3, 4 and Holiday Heist) on repeat on every channel, and dining tables groaning under the weight of food to be shared with friends and family – it’s fair to say we LOVE everything about Christmas here at insideKENT. If you’re not one for the sheer consumerism of it all, why not do a reverse advent calendar – every day from 1st December to 24th December put a non-perishable food product (tins, gravy granules, grains, chocolate, noodles etc.) into a box, then when you have all 24 products collected on Christmas Eve, donate the parcel to your local food bank. Sadly, there are lots of families that will benefit from your thoughtfulness, but that will thankfully have a better Christmas as a result. £4.99 (45g), We’re calming down with… SOAR Soar: Tree of Life is a revolutionary relaxation and stress-relieving app that was launched from All 4 Games last month to coincide with National Stress Awareness Day. Stress is one of the biggest health concerns in the world, so All 4 Games wanted to deliver an easy-to-use proposition to help create a solution. An exploration-based adventure game designed to restore colour to a stunning but forgotten land, Soar uses simple tilting or tapping controls to help playe []HH\\[X]]BXH\[ ݙ[[Z[]HH]]H]HوZ[ B[YH\[[[[[YYX]H[^[YX ][\ݙ\\[YX\[Y]K\\\H[X\]H]\[K[][ܚ\HY\ZY܈[HYXY][[XK̋NK]Z[XHHU[\ŒM