insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 158

MOTORS THE MASERATI GRANCABRIO THE TIMELESS DESIGN OF THE MASERATI GRANCABRIO IS ACCOMPANIED BY THE EXHILARATING PERFORMANCE OF A NATURALLY ASPIRATED, MARANELLO-BUILT V8 ENGINE AND THE HANDCRAFTED COMFORT OF FOUR INDIVIDUAL POLTRONA FRAU® SEATS. IN SHORT, THE GRANCABRIO IS THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF LUXURIOUS, OPEN-TOP GRAND TOURING AT ITS AUTHENTIC BEST. The GranCabrio range has been streamlined for 2018 and two well-defined versions will be offered – Sport and MC. The 4.2-litre GranCabrio has been discontinued, while the Sport and MC share the same powertrain and interior personalisation packages. Both the GranCabrio MC (Maserati Corse) and the GranTurismo MC take on important ambassadorial roles for the entire Maserati range, representing the company’s long and illustrious racing heritage. Both the GranCabrio Sport and GranCabrio MC are equipped with the legendary 4.7-litre V8 engine, producing 460hp at 7,000rpm and 520Nm at 4,750rpm. The naturally aspirated unit is hand assembled by Ferrari in Maranello and weighs only 175kg. The Sport and MC share the same basic features, although the central splitter is the element that most clearly distinguishes the two versions, and the GranCabrio MC boasts an even more pronounced design, giving greater emphasis to the motor racing pedigree. While the sleek body of the GranCabrio remains untouched, the rear bumper has been redesigned with the sole aim of emphasising the natural elegance of this iconic convertible. 158 With its neater, more cohesive design, the new bumper further accentuat \B[\\[ۈوX[]H[HY[HܘXY[[\[XH\&\[Z\ZXB[Y]KH[[Y\\\XYXXX\[ۋH[\\\\ۈ[Y[H]Hܘ[X[ܝ ]Hݘ[^]\]]\X\[]H[\\&\Y\ˈBܘ[X[P\X\][HܝY\][]]Z[YH[[ [\[Y\\H^]\\[HقHP\[ۈ\Y\[\H[BY\[\H[[[ۋ[[ܝ[KH[H[[^]\\\^B\][H\\H[[\YX[Xœ\\H[ܙX][H\X8&ܝx&H[ H[Y[[\[܈وHܘ[X[›ٙ\[\[[YYܝ[]\[]YX[ ۘH]pX]\X]][Yܘ]YXY\ˈ܈ N H\\X]\\H[ܙH[\Y\Yۈ[B\[\\XK\[Y[Y[Y B\[ۈ[HH]YX]\[\\˂H[\YXHوH\\\˜HY \\][ۋ 8'H\X]]HXܙY[Hܘ[X[\[H\[[H]BX]\Y[H\X\\]H[[[\]XH]\H\^H[[Y]]X\ۙHZ\ܚ[™[[ۜˈ[[[X]\HBY Y[\X[\ۈ[Z][H[\[H\[\ [Y][ۋH[[ۜH\XH\œ[YۚYX[HX]\]]\]ۜ[YܙKH\ۜH\Y\YۙYX[[]HH\\YY[KXH\BX[8$H[\X]\H[[X\\]B[[8$][ۙY^HX\]\\HY \]X[]H\ۙ[[ܙY[[Z[][KH][[\]ۈ\\\[۝وHX\]\܈ N \H\HZY[\[܈\˜[]H[\[܈[H[ۜ8$H\ۂXH[]X\ [\H]Z[XHۂHܝ[Pˈ\H\H[YH8&XX[Y][۸&H[\[܈XY\\[\[[ۘ[]8&[[X[X&H[\\X[][ۜH܈ܘ[X[\[ۜ˂[ܛ[HX\\]HXZYۙB˛[ܛ[K˝ZX\\]B M LL