insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 154

GIFTGIVEAWAY The 2017 insideKENT GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT GIVEAWAY cont. Neptune Laurel Wreath Prize value: £57 Leeds Castle Classical Concert Tickets Prize value: £70 These metal wreaths have a graphic shape that’s contrasted with their characterful, powder coated finish, which will continue to age gently over time. They can be fixed to the wall or simply propped up, perhaps on a festive mantle in front of a mirror. Winner will receive a medium Laurel Wreath. Available from Neptune Canterbury You and a friend will enjoy this iconic Kent event and its inspiring programme including the world-famous Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. The perfect way to spend a summer's afternoon – held on 14th July 2018. Bring a picnic, rug, or your own choice of seating, then relax and enjoy the entertainment. Winner will receive 2x picnic tickets to the 2018 event. / 0845 652 6262 AU Vodka Gift Pack Prize value: £54.95 Au vodka, named after the periodic table symbol for gold, is made in England using the highest-grade grain to create an incredibly smooth and velvety spirit. This exclusive gift pack also includes a cocktail shaker and double jigger to help measure out, make and shake perfect vodka cocktails. Fami ǒFf6BvF6R6FrBFRg&7FVBf&w&VB@G&V@&RfVS *3wwr3FfW"6Ф֖FgVW72bvVW72&WG&VBB67F&FV&RfVS *33sPFRWrvVW72b֖FgVW72&WG&VG2B67F&FVVffW"GvF2bW&R&VFvg&FRW7FR@'W7FRbWfW'FƖfRB&Rf&R6VV7FVBFFW2F&VvW@#FRV'( Wr&Vvw>( &WG&VB6VFW2&w&R`VFFFvvrBF6BWG&FW2V2@6622vV266FF&R2fƖBf"R6RV'#&WG&VBB2G&6fW'&&RwwrG6VFFV26V67F&S@f֖ǒFf6BGw&7F&G2BG6R6FrF6WG2FFPv6g&7FVBf&w&VBBG&VB&vFRG&VB26W@F&V6RFRV&W"RFW7FFf"6&7F2VB2@G&6f&2FFRg&7FVBf&w&VBFW&Rv&RfFvR&FW2fFW"6&7F2fW7FfRfBBg&Ɩ72BWrf"#r2FR&V6R&v62VWfW'Fg&7BFV6V&W"&F6WG2ƖPf"6FrBw&GF"'Ww&7F&G2Gf6RƖRB6fRwwrG&VB6V6&7F2&RffW&VB2f""GVG2B"6G&VGVBB26G&V( 26G&VW7B&P66VB'GVBvVBbV'2"fW"&Rf&RFWF7&BV'#7V&V7BFf&ƗGw&GFVG&6R2B6VFVBFR&R