insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 143

INTERIORS INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE AND DESIGN COMPANY OPENS IN CANTERBURY WALKING DOWN ORANGE STREET IN CANTERBURY, YOU MIGHT HAVE NOTICED THAT THE OLD MERCHANT CHANDLER SHOP HAS RECENTLY BEEN TRANSFORMED INTO A SMART NEW BOCONCEPT STORE. THE BRAND IS FAST BECOMING THE LEADING RETAIL BRAND IN INTERIOR DESIGN WITH OVER 260 STORES IN 50 COUNTRIES. BOCONCEPT’S HOME IS IN DENMARK, WHERE THEY HAVE BEEN DESIGNING AND MANUFACTURING DESIGN FURNITURE FOR 65 YEARS. Danish design is their legacy, but it is balanced by innovation and new ideas. They offer a complete collection of customised, coordinated and affordable design furniture and accessories, with most of the products being customisable in different colours, sizes, materials and finishes. Their concept is all about you, your home and your personal taste. BoConcept offer a free interior design service and have skilled interior consultants whose expert design and product knowledge can help you make the best choices for your home. They know redecorating can be a challenge, but whether you need help to design an entire new home, or to choose a new sofa or dining table, they're there to support you through the process. They offer expert advice on everything from furniture and colour schemes, as well as a full 3D floor plan of your home so you can see the result before you make a decision. In addition to retail customers, the store will be offering a complete B2B range designed for commercial applications such as offices, restaurants, hotels and the leisure industry. With professionals experienced in fit-out projects, they are able to collaborate with larger project teams to create t H\X][ۋX[[\Hۘ\[[\YK\X[H[YH\ܙB[H][ۘ\[\H[BN X[\HX]H\HZ[[ۂܘ[HY] ][HX\و[\\x&\š\ܚX]H[K'[\\H\H[[X[]H[\H]\[XH܈\\ܙKXY[HX]]Y[ \XZ[[]B[\[\[܋8'H^\X[ 8'\H\\Y\^[܋H]H[^\ݙYܙX]\Yۈ[[YYܚ[ۈ^][ڙX[BH\H^H^\Y[HܙX]B^\[ۘ[][ۜ܈\\Y\[\[\Y[[ZKH[H\H^]Y˜XYH\وH[[\\B[][]K'BH[\\HܙH\HY[H[ٙ\[ۘ[X[HYH[\X[Y\\K][\ܙH[\[܈\Yۙ\]YH[[Z HX[HYZܙX]HHX]]Y[ [Z[[\ۛY[YKY[[H]H\]\H[\Hۈ[[[BY\Yۈ][ۜXZHH[ق[\XK܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋX\H\]˘ۘ\ Kۘ\[\\B MHܘ[HY][\\B H B L MMN B[\\Pۘ\ ˝Z˘ۘ\ Bۘ\Rۘ\[ۘ\[\\BM