insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 135

CHRISTMAS ECO-FRIENDLY CHRISTMAS cont. Presents CONSIDER YOUR CARDS On average, 150 million Christmas cards are delivered every day by the Royal Mail in the run up to Christmas, which is staggering. More surprising is that, considering that cards and paper are one of the easiest things to recycle, on average, one billion of them still end up in landfill taking up to 30 years to decompose – if these cards were recycled rather than thrown away, it would help save the equivalent of over 240,000 trees. For many of us, sending Christmas cards is a tradition that simply won’t be compromised, so if you do send them, make sure you use recycled cards and envelopes, and hand deli fW"F6RFB&P&Vr6VBvFvƶrF7F6RF7WBFvW"6&&fG&Bखb^( &RF7vF6Fw2WvBBf"6VFr6&7F0R6&G26frW"WBgVVWFFR&6W72u$$U54$ŐF22vBRf7Bf>( f66&FrFFRFW'FVBf Vf&VBfBB'W&ff'2vRv7FRfW"FW2`w&rW"fW"6&7F2v6WVFW2F77b'V&&6B2VVvFw&WFRVF&R6BbwVW&6W7G&WwF`^( &RFVBW6r&WGG&FVBW"R7W&RN( 2&V76VB W6R'&v&V76VBW"v6vVFVBvF&ff'F7V&ǒ2fW'7GƗ6&VV&W"F6fRFRw&rW"&W2@vgB&w2FBR&V6VfR&W6VG2F&VvWBFRV"6R6&WW6RFVB6&7F2Bv2&V76R2V6w&rW 2R6FRF44eeBWfW'R2FRFR"FR6ƖFF6Gg'VBf"FV fVBW2"6BBv&FFR&VG2F&VvWBFPV"'WBbRF( 2'&ƖCD6&7F2vgG2&R'f"FRV6Цg&VFƖW7BFW7V6ǒvVBFVƗfW&VBbR&VfW"F6f"&W6VG2vWfW"&VV&W"FvfRw&VV&VGV6RW"6&&V֗762B7W'BW"6V6ג''&w6rV&'&WFVW2f&W.( 2&WG2Bf֖ǒ'V'W6W76W2f"VVP&&v2BbR&R67FrW"W&66rWBƗGFRvFW"W7@R7W&RvBR6F62BFFRVf&VB6V6WBf"6R&v2&VWGvgBFV2FBfB6V֖62&&V0BWG&F7FW23P