insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 127

HEALTH+WELLNESS GET OUT YOUR CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS! SOME PEOPLE LOVE THE WHIRLWIND OF THE RUN UP TO CHRISTMAS – THERE’S SHOPPING TO BE DONE, FOOD TO PREPARE AND PARTIES GALORE. BUT IF YOU HAVE TROUBLESOME VARICOSE VEINS, BEING ON YOUR FEET ALL DAY CAN TAKE THE FUN OUT OF THE FESTIVE SEASON. THE TEAM AT COODEN MEDICAL GROUP’S CANTERBURY CLINIC HAVE SOME TIPS FOR LOOKING AFTER UNCOMFORTABLE LEGS CAUSED BY VARICOSE VEINS. Dr Mo Faris Let’s be clear from the start – standing up for long periods of time doesn’t cause varicose veins, but if you already have them, spending a lot of time on your feet can make the symptoms worse. Many people with varicose veins don’t have any discomfort but others complain of aching, heavy legs, and swollen feet and ankles. Muscle cramps, particularly at night, are quite common and some people find the skin over the affected vein becomes dry and very itchy. If this sounds like you then you may find that doing some of the things below will help: 1. GET OUT YOUR CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS Wear compression stockings as much as possible. While they may not look terribly glamorous, they will help to prevent blood from collecting in your veins, reducing pain and swelling in your feet, legs and ankles. 2. PUT YOUR FEET UP Try and take regular breaks to sit down and put your feet up so they are the same level as your hips – on the sofa or use a footstool. This will allow blood that has pooled in your lower legs to flow back up the vein. You could use this time to do jobs like writing Christmas cards, planning menus or shopping online for presents and party outfits! 3. KEEP IT COOL IN THE BEDROOM Many people find that they experience the most discomfort at night time, with itchy, throbbing legs preventing them from sleeping. Although it’s tempting to crank up the central heating and layer on your thickest duvet when the nights are chilly, you will probably be more comfortable and get a better night’s sleep if you keep your bedroom as cool as possible. 4. DON’T BE A CINDERELLA You can still go to the ball but ditch the glass slippers in favour of flattish, comfortable shoes. Your feet and legs will thank you for it and if you wear something long like a maxi dress or palazzo pants, then you can wear your compression stockings underneath too! 5. DO SOME EXERCISE While being more active feels like the last thing you need, gentle exercise such as walking, yoga or Pilates can be good for varicose vein symptoms. It can also help if you do some simple exercises like rotating your ankles and flexing your feet whenever you are sitting down. If your symptoms are bothering you it might be time to consider having your varicose veins treated. Modern treatments are very effective and are done in the comfort of a clinic – you don’t need to go to hospital or have a general anaesthetic and you will be back on your feet immediately after the procedure. For further information visit The Cooden Medical Group Canterbury Clinic All Health Matters Orchard Close Mews Orchard Street Canterbury CT2 8AP 01227 903038 canterbury CoodenMedical coodenmedicalgroup 127