insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 120

HEALTH+WELLNESS PAINLESS DENTAL IMPLANTS… GUARANTEED! by Pieter Claassen, founder of Calm & Gentle Dental OVER THE PAST DECADE I HAVE LOST COUNT HOW MANY DENTAL IMPLANTS I HAVE PLACED. WHAT STILL AMAZES ME IS THE PATIENTS I SEE HAVE BEEN SUFFERING, USUALLY IN SILENCE, FOR A LONG TIME NOT KNOWING THERE IS A DENTAL TREATMENT AVAILABLE THAT CAN CHANGE THEIR LIVES… IT REALLY DOES! Patients often think the treatment will be too painful, too expensive or they have this belief that they will not be suitable. Technology has improved immensely and we are helping patients that have lived without natural teeth for many years. attended the team have consistently provided me with professional care and attention. Pieter and Amy always made time for a chat which made the whole experience more personal. Needless to say I am delighted with the end result. Many thanks to all your friendly team." Don’t just take our word for it… Jim & Sally Large from Kent said: “My wife Sally has just today finished her dental implant. It has taken a few months from beginning to end, from tooth removal to new ones being attached. But all of the way through the process, Pieter and his staff have been totally amazing. I would definitely recommend this practice to anybody requiring any dental work. The end result looks brilliant, plus Sally now has a complete set of teeth again. Thanks Guys, and Gals." Bev Bartley from Eastbourne said: “Wha BvFW&gVFVFR6V6WfW FVvBvrFFRFVF7BvVB&R6V&R( 2N( 2FR&W7BWfR7V@V'2B&W7Bb6VBvBvBvW&RvBB6֖RvFWvfV@6fFV6RF2FR( Х&&&&'&WGBg&VB6C( WFW"0W7B6WFVBגG&VFVBf"FVFG2g&&VvrFVBFRG&VFV@2&VVf'7B672FR&6Rv2fW'6WFFfRB&VVBW7Fǒ2VFV@&Vf&RG&VFVB6V6VBFFVWG&26BV66RVVvrG'VǐW72FRvR&6W722&VVFPVFW"6W7FWF2WfW'FV@#vRffW"VVR&w&Rf"FVG0v7VffW"g&熖WGfV"bFRFVF7BॖR6FvBW"熖WGVW7F&PBVW2VRVFW'7FBFRWfV`fV"RWW&V6SFW&R&R6G2`g&WVVFǒ6VBVW7F2FBV&V77W&RRखbRfR&VV7VffW&rvFgV6PFVWF"fGFrFVGW&RvfRR6vR6'&vRf"RFB6VRPBvg&FW&RRv( B&Vw&WBN( fB&֗6RRvB&RVFvVB6W2s3"csCB7VF6G"V6RvfRW6VVBWW&V6RvVগB6W2FVrW"FVG2BFP&VvrbFV"ƖfR6vrW&W"f6@wwrF'&FvVFVFƖF6VG&R6VB&WVW7B6&6F( BWBBfbvW"( 2WB#&RW V"vBvF6VRFRWrV"@FRg&BbFRf֖ǒFw&2vF6֖RRfV( B6֖VBV'26VRR6