insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 69 Dec 2017 - Page 108

FOOD+DRINK Top-notch tapas and cocktails at LUPO BIANCO THINK CLASSY WINE BAR WITH COCKTAILS AND A WIDE RANGE OF DELECTABLE TAPAS, AND YOU’LL PROBABLY THINK OF LONDON FIRST. BUT TIMES ARE CHANGING. LONDON IS NO LONGER THE GO-TO PLACE FOR INTERESTING DINING THAT LOOKS INCREDIBLE AND TASTES AMAZING. YOU CAN NOW STAY CLOSER TO HOME IN KENT TO EXPERIENCE QUALITY FOOD AND DRINK...PARTICULARLY AT LUPO BIANCO IN LOCKSBOTTOM. BY SARAH GREENE Owned and run by successful restaurateur, Nick Constantine (who also happens to be the owner of the popular Cyprianis, which is located right next door), Lupo Bianco fills a void in the North West Kent dining scene. This is the place to come on a first date, on a romantic night out, for a work do, to mark a celebration, with a group of friends, or simply just because… Lupo Bianco’s versatility and warmth means it can be something to everyone, and that is why we love it. Entering the restaurant and finding a comfortable seat is a pleasure in itself. The atmosphere is chic and sophisticated, but not pretentious – Lupo Bianco is definitely not the kind of place you’ll wish you hadn’t bothered with once you’re already in, so an awkward, speedy exit will be the last thing on your mind. For larger parties, there is a sizeable function room in the basement, which, when the building was a bank (as it was in a previous life), used to be the vault – the vault door is still there, which lends a ‘wow’ factor and a great talking point. Smaller parties and couples can sit upstairs among the refined monochrome décor, which is a trademark of this stylish wine bar and restaurant. 108 If you’re just here for drinks, there are plenty to be had including a fantastic Pornstar Martini. If that’s not to your taste don’t worry – the cocktail menu is huge, and there is a good selection of wines, beers and premium spirits available too. Onto the food. Exceptional tapas is what Lupo Bianco is known for, and for good reason; there is a big choice of both hot and cold food, and, unlike some tapas restaurants that will offer you a big plate with barely a bite on it, the portion sizes are just right. Marinated anchovies with plum vine tomatoes and red onion; hand-cut 24-month-aged Iberico ham; pished salmon with walnut bread; black truffle arancini with chilli aioli; sautéed chicken livers; deep fried baby squid…the list goes on. In the true spirit of tapas, we recommend you order lots and each take a little bit of everything. Expertly seasoned, spicy where it needs to be, but never overpowering, this is tapas at its best, with plenty of choice and more than enough to go around. If you’re not a fan of tapas, never fear – there are other dishes on the menu. The txuleton vaca (Spanish beef to share) is particularly wonderful, and every piece of meat, which is kept in one of four dry-ageing fridges, is ]][X]Y]H\YX]HݙH›ۙ]\Y[YY܋܈[]][X[H[\ Y]Z]XB[\XH[H[][[] \X[][HY\˂\X[Œ͎ܛٝۈܜ[ۂ MH M˛\ؚX[˘˝Z“\КX[Д\ؚX[ؘ\