insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 68 Nov 2017 - Page 94

FOOD+DRINK WINTER Warmer PUBS cont. The Bull WROTHAM The Bull is an important part of life in the picturesque village of Wrotham. First licensed in 1495 by Henry VII, it was a good choice and remains one today. Located just off the Pilgrims Way, travellers would be happy to stop here for a pint of ale and the chance to tell their stories. Today, things may be more modern in the outside world, but inside The Bull remains just as atmospheric and just as full of stories as it ever was. The ‘Smokehouse’ menu is a particularly nice addition to what has always been a great choice of food and even if you don’t go there to eat, it’s still a fantastic place to take the weight off your feet and get out of the winter weather for a while. The Parrot CANTERBURY Historic Canterbury is packed full of ancient buildings, but The Parrot is one of its oldest – or at least parts of it are since it was built on Roman foundations. In fact, the pub was constructed at the same time as the cathedral, although it was completed a lot sooner. It may even be where the workers who laboured on the cathedral went after a hard day’s work for some refreshment. The Parrot is tucked neatly away down an authentic cobbled street, and once inside, the age of the building is easy to 94 spot – thick oak floorboards, atmospheric open fires, beams that may well predate Canterbury Cathedral…and then there’s the filling, warming food and drink (including six real ales) on offer. All in all, the perfect place to get in out of the cold. The Waggon At Hale CHATHAM The Waggon at Hale is a little different to other cosy winter warmer pubs having been stylishly done up with a modern decor. There’s still a lovely fire to sit by though, still a great selection of food and drink, and still a family friendly atmosphere and a wonderfully friendly welcome when you walk through the door. The Waggon at Hale has it all, a little different to most, but wonderful all the same. The Honest Miller BROOK Imagine entering a country pub and finding a jolly landlord, an inspiring menu, log burners and plenty of room to settle down in. You’ve just imagined The Honest Miller. When you arrive, more often than not you will be personally greeted by the landlord, and even if he can’t come and say hello straight away, he’ll certainly make his way over to your table before you leave. If you’ve expended a ton of energy going for a country walk, you can recharge here – the food portions are certainly generous and the prices are very fair. Take as much time as you need, you won’t feel rushed here – oh, and if you can’t quite manage your food, just ask to take it home, it’ll be a nice treat later on. The Castle Inn CHIDDINGSTONE The Castle Inn has recently been renovated and has reopened to showcase its traditional charm. The pub’s heritage has been reclaimed and there is a definite feeling of history when you enter the building. Originally built in the 15th century, here you’ll find locally sourced food all home cooked and served by the people who know and understand it the best. Coming soon, there’ll be beautiful rooms to stay in too, should the feeling for an extended stay strike, but for now, you can still enjoy the ambience of a truly traditional Kentish pub that has stayed true to its ancient roots. Chiddingstone itself is mostly owned by the National Trust, so to find that this pub has been renovated so sympathetically is a treat indeed. Sit by the fire and learn about the area’s history; you’ll be surprised by the amount of information you’re likely yet to know.