insideKENT Magazine insideKENT Issue 68 Nov 2017 - Page 91

The Compasses Inn CRUNDALE The wonderful open fire at The Compasses Inn is huge and it manages – despite being slightly tucked around a corner – to warm the entire bar and restaurant area. You feel, as you walk through the door, as though this is truly the place to be, thanks to the smell of great food and the welcoming atmosphere. Crundale itself is in an Area of Outstanding Natural beauty, which adds to the loveliness of the place, but it is the pub itself that offers the most charming and relaxing of experiences. And to make things even more interesting, some of the vegetables and fruits used in creating the mouthwatering dishes on the menu actually come from the pub’s own garden. The Little Brown Jug CHIDDINGSTONE A proper country pub on a proper country lane is always something of a joy, and The Little Brown Jug, situated near to Penshurst in the Kentish Weald, is exactly that. If you have been out for the day visiting Hever Castle, Penshurst Place, or perhaps Chiddingstone Castle, the Little Brown Jug is the perfect place to rest your tired feet and sit for a spell. The pub is bigger than it seems from the outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s not cosy, which it certainly is thanks to the lighting, the intimate corner seating, shelves filled with books, old pictures on the v2Bb6W'6RFRG&FF&&rVrf&W2V6f'FrfBFR&W7FW&B"f FR&FW"f6F"G'RbFRF&VRVFVBWG2W@FRv&FVFR676W2$U54RFV&W"dU5DdR5DU"B#rr#B#rSCrvRFR6WVW'0FRw&VV6VG'V"Fr6W'fr6RbFRfW7B&VW'2vW2BVF6&GV6R( "'FW2vV6PvFW"W"g&VG2bf֖ǒf"7Fv0fW7FfRG&VB&W76Rw2FV&W FW&Rv&R6VV7Fbv&֖r6Ɩ2@6Ɩ2G&2f"RF66Rg&6VFpVVB66FW"vF'VVVBvRB76VBPFFFFfW'fVǒ6&7F2FV( "fVB&6RVPf&RBV6( "&p&V6VFV@f@6W"fV@FФ6VV7FbfW7FfR6Gv6W2VFR6W2@֖6RW266W26GFVB7&VBƗ7FVFFRfFvR6&7F2GVW22RV7&6W BVW"FRFvWFW"&vRbFV66F2&6V66'V&&ǒ@6vR66&RFFVBBFFF6&vR*3RW"W'6CR&7G&VWB'&G7F'2VB5CPsc#c#cC2cwwr&W76W7FV&W"6V#32SS06f&B&BvFVVBD#b4wwr6WVW'6FVw&VV6Цf6WVW'6FVw&VV6ХFT6WVW'4FTw&VV&rf"6&7F0